Game 4: Cal Poly

Pipes just coming up short with his stroke… nothing to be concerned with.

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Pipes doesn’t look confident, doesn’t look sure right now. The offense he played in last year is a lot different.

I’ll agree with you on Stewart on D, but half of D is just getting after it and wanting the ball more than anybody else. With time he’ll figure out where he needs to be in relation to the ball, but you’ve got to love his tenacity.

Oh I really like Stewart’s game, really liked what he showed last year. He was with a high school team where he was pretty the guy that had to make everything happen, so he’ll have to learn to integrate into a team where he’s not the top guy. Not that uncommon a thing in college, but he was pretty much a 1 man band at Dunham.

I think I’ve been on record as saying I think he’ll be an impact guy if he is patient enough through this season and doesn’t leave.

Well, this is certainly the response you’d want to see from Pipes. No hesitation on the 3, then aggressive rim attack.

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How you like that from Pipes?

The broadcast guys might not have been able to see that coming but as soon as they both broke out I had a feeling it was coming. Didn’t expect Bediako to be in the middle though haha.

Jalen Williams is just a different class. He’s putting it all together.

J Williams is becoming elite.


That long 3 that missed badly is what I’m talking about with Pipes. He wasn’t ready to shoot it. Was going to pass then didn’t and decided to shoot and it was all out of rhythm.

Hopefully that’s the last we see of Jalen tonight. No sense at all keeping him out there if he’s got even the slightest thing going on.

I guess the under play was more based on how bad Cal Poly is, and that SCU lacks experience off the bench. So you don’t know whether they are going to keep a big lead, but Cal Poly was clearly not going to score a lot. Interesting lesson there.

Pipes gets this team rolling… wheter his 3’s are falling or not. 2 sweet lob dunks to JWilliams

If Pipes doesn’t look confident to you I’d suggest LensCrafters.

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Well, the second one people in the crowd could have thrown. He was all alone. Cal Poly seems like they’re ready to get on the bus.

Some of those lobs are reckless, lets not get anyone injured.

But good lord, the athleticism on this team!

Why do you have to find an attack angle for everything?

Even in a 30 point blowout, you can’t just enjoy it, you have to have some kind of beef.

It’s. So. Tiresome.

When you’re wrong, just accept it. It’s not that big of a deal, and the world isn’t out to get you.

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Well that guy might be getting on the bus a bit earlier than the rest. Oof. Good thing Bediako is a sturdy fellow.

LOL you are the wrong mofo to be talking about people being wrong.

If it was up to you this coach would have been gone two years and you wouldn’t have this team right now.

Sit down, shut up. clap clap clapclapclap

That was just what you want from a game like that, assuming J Williams is fine.

No nonsense, no letting them hang around, lot of good quality time for bench guys you’re going to need contributions from, and some walkon time at the end.

Max Dorward deserves some kind of award for being a 4 year walkon through everything that has challenged SCU the last couple of years. It would have been so easy to punch out last year. Hope he gets everything he wants out of it this year.

Still hit the over on the O/U with ease even with Cal Poly stinking it up on offense.

Hope Vrankic and Tomley get healthy…would be thin without them for the TCU and Fresno St. games.

Anyone know what’s up with Knapper?..didn’t get on the court in mop up duty. Redshirting? Dinged up?

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