Game 6: vs. Oregon (Emerald Coast Classic)

They made the “championship” game two years ago for whatever MTE had SCU, TCU, and Fresno State. SCU walloped TCU for its best win of the season before being stifled by Fresno’s defense in the championship game.

As for the last MTE they actually won? No idea…@nashty??

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Uhhhhhhh. We won all three games of the CBE Hall of Fame Classic against (checks notes) Utah Valley, Saint Louis and Eastern Washington in 2012-13 to start 5-0 for the first time since 1968. The latter half of that sentence being a depressing stat.

But did we “win” it? Or was it just three random games?? It wasn’t at a neutral site.

We won the “Las Vegas Classic” in 2010-11 against Bethune Cookman and Northern Colorado, which isn’t much. But it was at least at a neutral site.

I have a vague memory that we won the Alaska Shoot-Out, but the record book doesn’t corroborate that.

Your 1994-95 Broncos won the Coors Lite Classic in Fresno and the UAB Classic (both of which are stretching the bounds of “Classic”).

I think an MTE is a neutral site and multiple games (I see some singular “Challenges” in records and even a few singular “Classics” this year).

I don’t know who used to do our schedules but we weaseled into the Maui Invitational and the Alaska Shoot-Out a lot, in addition to the Cable Car.


The Coors Lite Classic in Fresno, CA sounds like a 2023 parody, not a real event from the mid-90s.

Apparently, it really happened. Not sure this is from the right year.

Oregon had a nice 86-83 overtime win over Michigan today.