Game 7: vs. Ohio State (Emerald Coast Classic)

Time: 4 pm Pacific
Watch: CBS Sports Network / FloSports (subscription required)
Opponent Ranking: 38 in Torvik / 36 in KenPom

As a Santa Clara / Michigan alum, today is quite a day. Started off well with The Game. Let’s see how our Broncos do against the Ohio State U.

OSU is a good team, but the win over Alabama was an upset. Soph guard Bruce Thornton was incredible, getting 29 points and shooting 66% from three. Fellow soph Roddy Gayle, Jr. had himself a game with 23 of his own on hot shooting.

Nigerian center, Felix Okpara, is a prolific rebounder and by far OSU’s best. But he isn’t much of a scorer. If SCU pounds the ball inside on offense and forces OSU off the three point line, they may just pull this off.

Prediction: 76-71 Broncos

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Ohio State anywhere from -6.5 to -7.5 on the books

Looking forward to the Broncos taking down the Buckeyes… lots of us Zag fans rooting for you.

Go!! Broncos!!!

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So far just getting outclassed, outshot, and outhustled just about everywhere. Going to have to play better across the board in all facets to get this done


They are doing a better job taking the three away which is basically all of OSU’s lead at this point. 18 of the first 24 were from 3.

OSU is more athletic overall, and that’s a challenge, but Santa Clara is in this one easily with a cleaner game and better perimeter D.

I noticed it live, but if you rewind the play before, you’ll see at the end the ref actually warned the team about them complaining about something. Wasn’t surprised to see the tech given. It wasn’t necessarily any one thing said, it was probably complaining again after being told to stop seconds earlier.

Still a soft T… where in the rules are you not allowed to complain?

Either way we’re getting absolutely crushed on loose balls, and just being in position in general.


Tough start to second half. Starting to like like men against boys. Easy dunks as we just stand there, no positioning or boxing out and too many bad passes. The inbounds pass after the dunk was ridiculous. Oh well, we are playing a good team and maybe we are tired.


Just not our night and credit to Ohio St. We look slow, soft, and sloppy.


You can complain to an extent. But once you’ve made your point and the ref goes out of their way to tell you to stop, they can T you up.

I can’t watch anymore of this…we are being exploited, how many times can we get lob-dunked on before someone realizes it’s a problem? We are playing much smaller than our actual size, and we are playing with 50% energy. OSU is playing inspired on both ends of the court.


Welp. The expectation going in was to win one and we did that. OSU’s only loss so far is to a ranked Texas A&M so while this hurts, this may not be as bad in hindsight. Time will tell. Big December coming up.


Both games involved seeing St.Mary’s level toughness and more. Even in the Oregon game, didn’t feel there was there was enough execution with defenders in the personal space. The centers being out served as Santa Clara’s lifeline there and now they need to look inwards when facing these physical teams. Our defensive rebounding across several games this year has been alarming, along with the constant of off ball communication/switching screens.


Obviously this game was going to be an uphill climb with the step up in competition but we got exposed. O’Neil needs to sit for a while.


Herb just can’t adjust… He has 1 way to play, and when that is complimentary to what the opponent has strength wise, it can get ugly.
OSU is good, no doubt, but Sendek makes them look great.


They looked awful in the loss. Best to just file this one away. Santa Clara lost to a team they should have lost to. Learn a few things and move on. The goal should be 6 more OOC wins from here, and I think this squad can do it.


That was an old fashioned ass kicking.

Going into weekend I said I would be happy with 1-1, so have to roll iwth that.

@ Cal on Saturday will be tough. I think they are much improved despite losing to Pacific (that is a REAL head scratcher) and Montana State.


I agree. They are spending the whole week waiting for SCU as well. Expect to get Cal’s best shot in Haas.

I’m in the same boat… it was a brutal watch on Saturday but I’m happy with 6-1 at this point.

12-3 would look real nice at the end of December.


Good exposure to Big 10 players who took it to us physically, which isn’t our game.

We needed a few Drew Zurek’s out there.

Going forward we could use a disciplined offense to exploit these kinds of matchups such as the Princeton and Flex. Even when you just need a bucket or two, grind it out with discipline, screens, and back cuts.