Grand Reunion

I’m on one of the alumni committees for my class year and thought I would remind folks here since, due to COVID, they are combining the cancelled reunion classes from last year (the 0’s and 5’s) with the classes that would be celebrating their reunions this year (the 1’s and 6’s). So 40% of all SCU alums have their reunions this year.

Basic info: it’s October 7-10 (Thurs-Sun) though most of the events are between Friday night and Sunday morning. The paid events all have early bird pricing until September 15. For young alums, you can get access to pretty much the whole weekend for ~$100.

I talked to the Alumni Office yesterday, and they said that they are likely going to have a vaccine requirement for the big outdoor events (block party, class celebrations, brunch) and masking indoors.

No Bronco basketball scrimmage this year. But there are a couple of Athletics events on the schedule, and I’m trying to sell them on a watch party for the women’s soccer team which will have an away game against the Zags on the Saturday afternoon.

If you need info, go here. To sign up, go here.

And of course, go Broncos!


Have fun!
Too bad there’s no scrimmage open to the public…presumably a COVID influenced decision.
Looking forward to my reunion in 2022…haven’t missed one yet.

Completed my registration last night!

While I have been severely disappointed in hoops performance over that last 20 years (It pains me to write those numbers), if SCU does one thing better than any other school I am aware of, it is reunions. My non-Bronco friends are always jealous.

Toss in the Wine Festival, and they can throw great parites.


“You make me wanna Shout!”

No question, SCU does reunions right.
Living in Spokane w/ a few GU alum friends, I hear about their reunions and joined a few for a late night after party drink at Jack & Dan’s and GU’s just don’t stack up.