Green Bay transfer PJ Pipes has committed to Santa Clara

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BREAKING: Green Bay transfer PJ Pipes has committed to Santa Clara, he tells us. Pipes averaged 14.5PPG this past season at Green Bay and will bring a lot of experience to Santa Clara.

— Hoop Scoop Media™️ (@HoopScoopMedia) March 10, 2021

On a team with 9 Freshman and 3 Walk-ons, you do what you have to do.
Point or 2G… Let’s go…

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SCU posted a hype video on instagram. Seems good from 3 last two years (40% in 21 and 44% in 20). Any variation between conference play and top 100/50 game states is probably due to being keyed on.



Some one posted some different highlights of Pipes…

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More workout footage found of Pipes… Excited for 2021…

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Man, the confidence is at an all time high and the game too. I’m expecting a fun year…


He’s got some great handles, something we are in need of with the loss of Carlyle.

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I tried to tell you guys this kid is the real deal. Talking about PJ Pipes.
It’s early but he has a great start especially when you come out on National TV and go 8 - 8 before missing a shot. The lights are never to bright for him and when they really start to trust him and get the ball to him even more on some breaks, they will see he will make the right play more times than not.

Saw a couple sequences in the Stanford game where the rebounder should have given it up and then let him setup himself or someone else but it will come I hope as they trust him more (talking about the players… on the trust part)


I don’t recall anyone expressing otherwise.

Re: trust…I’m not sure there’s any trust issues, just a team getting used to playing with a new guy thrust in to an important role.
In terms of giving the ball up (outlet pass to Pipes or any other PG for that matter after a defensive rebound) in ALL fast break situations…well the game has evolved…players with any ball handling ability are encouraged more and more to ‘get it and go’, or immediately lead or start a fast break off a defensive rebound, especially long defensive rebounds, rather than turn and look for the point guard to outlet to. So you’ll definitely see this with Jalen who is effectively the back-up point guard, frequently with Justice, occasionally with Vrankic. Probably won’t see it much with Braun.