Jacob Holt in portal

I am not surprised by this as playing time became minimal with Tilly and Tongue grabbing key minutes off the bench.

Best of luck to Jacob!


Also not surprised, roster is overloaded at 4/5 spots especially with McEldon arriving.

I also wish Jocab all the best. Always appreciated his effort and enthusiasm and seemed to be a great, supportive teammate. Hope he lands somewhere where has an opportunity to play.


Im so disappointed to see Jacob leave. I liked his aggressive play and feel he has more growth potential.


Occasionally prone to dribbling the air out of the ball, but he played hard, rebounded and defended. Very sturdy block of wood for sure and I hope he lands in a great spot.


Best of luck to him. Hope he lands somewhere were he gets good PT. Strong, physical player who always went hard.


I remember the first time he was matched up against Timme and he blocked Time’s jump hook.

He scored 60 points in high school game once - seem like his potential was not developed

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Not gonna lie. The Covid year was an absolutely UNFAIR decision. The class of 2021 was forced into situations with 5th yr players taking their spots and thy got pushed under the radar when at their prime to develop. These guys dont get an extra year, so really, they have 2.5 years to accomplish what other guys get to do over 4. (And in some cases 5-6 years)


Always liked Holt’s hustle attiude and enthusiasm. It’s unfortunate he had his two front teeth busted in practice mid season which sidelined him and limited his playing time. Totally agree with BballFemme. Adding a 5th year made no sense then and with hindsight even more. It only should have been allowed for Seniors playing in 2020 and nothing more. Here’s wishing Jacob the best moving forward in his b-ball journey…