Transfer Recruiting Thread

Saw the official Santa Clara Basketball Twitter is now following David Muoka, a Lamar Transfer. He was the Southland Conference Defensive Player of the Year. 7 foot 2 wingspan and averaged 3 blocks per game, to go with 5 .4 pts and 6.8 rebounds in 25 minutes. Has LOTS of bounce. Would be a great get as he appears to just be scratching the surface of his enormous potential. Born in Hong Kong but played high school ball in Canada.

David Muoka Highlights


@admins - is it possible to pin a running list of potential/signed recruits to the top of board.

Same thing with scheduling when that starts coming out this summer.

summer of crazy transfers

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Yep, will be well over 1000 transfers which means somewhere between 3 and 4 players per team. Guess we better get used to it. A random recruiting thought …we have an unusually high success rate with getting productive players from the Midwest. Brownridge, Brandon Clark, Ray Cowels, Kratch, and Justice. Not all stars but all productive players and very low maintenance. I can’t think of a dud we have gotten from the Midwest in the last 20 years. No idea what to make of it but an observation.

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This free year was a bad idea. Doesn’t apply to Muoka, but just saying in general. Rather than using it as a do-over for the season(s) that have been mucked up, a lot of players are using it to transfer.

Just to add to the point…there are currently 3 Terrell Browns in the portal.

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Kid has some serious athleticism, which we have lacked in the last couple of years. Would be very interesting.

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Don’t disagree on the ‘free year’ issue. Just adds fuel to chaos of transfers. I suspect the NCAA is also going to allow some degree of immediately eligibility next season as they did this season…partly due to COVID and partly because they were already considering changing the transfer rules pre-COVID to allow immediate eligibility after a players 1st transfer. All this just opens the transfer floodgates even more. Teams and rosters are starting to look more like AAU basketball with players bouncing from team to team at will.
That said, I believe part of the NCAA’s motivation for the free year this season was to discourage players from opting out of the season over fears of unknowns of COVID and how it would impact seasons and not wanting to burn a year of eligibility if they only ended up playing say 5-10 games (or less). In hindsight the NCAA probably should have hedged and said they would grant a free year of eligibility if the season was cancelled midseason or if the average # of games by teams failed to reach a pre-defined threshold (say 60% of a normal seasons worth of games).


Muoka is an interesting prospect. A worthwhile pursuit, especially if Caruso doesn’t return, would provide us with a solid defensive presence and rim protector.
Downside is Muoka somewhat duplicates the strengths Bediako also provides. Can’t see both of them getting significant PT, especially if Caruso returns. Even if Caruso doesn’t return, there are going to times when you’d like to have someone playing the 5 who has some degree of perimeter ability or a solid offensive game…Caruso and Vrankic (when he played the 5) provided that…Muoko and Bediako don’t.

Just thinking about this now, but paying players would probably tie players to the program for longer. Ie. If you have endorsements from a certain region, you’d be less likely to leave right?

with players owning their image rights? Sounds reasonable. Probably need a good divorce attorney if you need to transfer.

Add North Dakota transfer Filip Rebraca to the list of transfer targets. 6-9 junior. Decent defensive rebounder, step out shooting game but mostly an inside the arc player at least right now.

And this guy Marlon Ruffin, who apparently half the Sendek coaching tree likes. Sun Prairie is just outside of Madison, hometown of Keshawn Justice.


Should be possible. I know we can merge threads. Maybe later today I can circle back and merge the 2-3 related threads here into one big recruiting thread.

Another name to watch is big man Emmanuel Dowuona from Purdue.

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Could just rename this one to use going forward and leave the others as they are.

This is a good idea. I have renamed the thread and will pin it for easier access.


Ruffin was an all summit league honorable mention even with a season ending injury halfway through conference play this year and was Summit League 6th man of the year in 2020. 75% from the FT line and 38% from 3 but pretty meh from inside the arc (43%)

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Not sure how often this list of players in the transfer portal is updated. Got to be a lot of work. Last update on 3/29.

Transfer portal google doc

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Looks like it’s from verbal commits. Wish they had some kind of statistical information so you could see how good any of these actually are.

To clean up a couple of loose ends, it looks like Stef Smith went to St. John’s and Terrell Brown (Arizona) went to Washington. Don’t think either is much if any better than Pipes.

verbal commits transfer portal + Bart Torviks data =