WakeUpSwig Community Standards

Welcome Bronco fans!

We are so excited to share this new home with you all and start discussing and debating Santa Clara’s athletic programs, especially basketball. But we need to set a few ground rules first.

(1) This forum is about Santa Clara and mostly about Santa Clara athletics. Those subjects can be defined broadly to include information on other WCC programs, future opponents, the NCAA, etc. But please keep posts on topic. Any topics that are irrelevant to Santa Clara or seem needlessly provocative or inflammatory will be deleted.

(2) No ad hominem. This board has always had disagreements on issues pertaining to our Broncos. That’s healthy. Keep disagreements civil and based in good faith. Posts that target other posters with ad hominem attacks, vulgarity, or bad faith provocation will be deleted and their posters sanctioned.

(3) Self-moderate. We want a variety of voices and opinions to be aired on this board. We want to encourage participation and lots of it! But please refrain from dominating conversations through relentless posting. We will try not to be heavy-handed here as long as discourse remains respectful, but we assume that what is too much will be apparent and expect users to exercise moderation.

(4) Remember that this is a community . We all have different connections to Santa Clara. But all of us want Santa Clara to succeed. Approach all conversations, whether praising, questioning, or criticizing, with that frame of mind.

We acknowledge that at times the discussion on the various iterations of this board has gotten out of hand. We now have three moderators who will be working together to make sure that this board is respectful and welcoming. We are excited to discuss the Broncos with you all and will be working hard to keep wakeupswig.com as a resource to connect with other fans, alums, and community members.