Jon Rothstein says Lavin close to being hired at USD

Wow…would not have expected Lavin. Seemed like he was pretty comfortable and content with his media gigs.
Still young enough ( a couple of years younger than Herb ). It is interesting that he had 7 years gaps between UCLA and St.Johns and now St.John’s and USD…don’t see that happen often.
For better or worse seems the WCC is becoming the soft landing spot for former PAC-12 coaches…Herb, Romar now Lavin.

i always thought USF might want to give him a try.

“Wow” is right…that is a really good hire for USD. Given that I live not far from the Slim Gym, it might compel me to attend more than just an annual SCU-USD game. He only had one losing season as a head coach, and has coached many players who ended up getting drafted by NBA teams. You’d think that his success in both recruiting and coaching, combined with the wonderful San Diego area, should make for some strong recruiting classes for the Toreros.

2 years from now USD will compete for a top 2 spot in the WCC… 4 years from now they’ll be strapped with NCAA sanctions.

The NCAA is gonna be so mad at Gonzaga for recruiting violations that they are gonna slap USD with 4 years of probation.

That’s my WCC hot-take version of the classic: “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, they’re gonna give Cleveland state 2 more years probation.”


Or insert Pacific. Pacific got hosed ~5 years ago, lost 4 to 5 scholarships for several years, recruiting limits, etc. for what I believe was an aid helping or writing a few papers for athletes.
Meanwhile North Carolina has decades of academic fraud and Louisville had all sort of sordid shenanigans going on and they either got no sanctions or a slap on the wrist.
A bunch of keystone cops running NCAA compliance.

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Let’s be honest: The NCAA is a money-printing enterprise that simply pays lip service to academics and honor in order to preserve its non-profit status. They will never slay their proverbial golden geese.

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