WCC Game 9: vs. USD

Tip-off: Saturday, 4pm at Leavey
Line: Torvik- Broncos -12, 86% win probability; ESPN- Broncos -12.5, 92% win probability.
Rankings: Broncos (NET: 103 / Torvik : 129); USD ( 245 / 262)

The Toreros are 12-11 overall, 2-6 in the WCC and are coming off a 95-79 loss to USF.
Top Players:
6-10 center Steven Jamerson ( 8.2pts, 7.6rebs)
6-8 wing Kevin Patton Jr (9.5pts, 4.7rebs, 1.3 steals, 1.5 blocks, 35% from 3)
6-6 wing PJ Hayes (11pts, 42% from 3)
6-0 pt guard Wayne McKinney III (14.4 pts, 2.9assists, 39% from 3)

The 5th starter has been a revolving door of guards including a couple of walkons. Deuce Turner (13.9 pts, 34% from 3) started several games early in the season, missed several games to injury but recently returned; whether he starts or not, he will likely play plenty.

USD is extremely young. With the exception of Hayes, Lavin eschewed the transfer portal and brought in a bunch of talented, athletic freshmen. Patton is a true frosh and there are three other true frosh who play a lot off the bench, guards/wings Dragos Lungu and Keyon Kensie and forward Jimmy Oladokun Jr.
USD is fairly athletic across the board. Patton is an above the rim player who impacts the game in a number of ways. McKinney is a fairly quick point guard and attacks the basket well. Jamerson is a mobile post and has shown improved play in the WCC with two straight double-doubles including 18pts, 10rebs vs. USF and 20pts, 12rebs vs. Pepperdine.

I’ve watched portions of several USD games. While they are athletic with some skill and potential, they strike me as a team who hasn’t learned the adage: ‘Play fast but don’t rush’. They seemed a bit helter/skelter, often out of control on offense which explains their very high turnover rate (even worse than the Broncos) and fairly low 2pt shooting %. They are an above average 3pt % shooting team but don’t attempt a high # of 3’s.

For the Broncos, it seems we’re a little banged up with Tilly in concussion protocol and Marshall playing through a bad back. This is the biggest benefit of our depth as several guys should be waiting in the wings to step up if needed.

The Broncos played a little pissed off from middle of the 1st half on vs. SMC. They need to replicate that intensity from the opening tip and play with more toughness and attitude. I’ll be disappointed if we see yet another slow start by the Broncos.

Prediction: Broncos prevail in a closer than expected contest 81-71.


I’d like to see us start out of the gate in a full-court press in an effort to force turnovers against a young team, and hopefully “break the seal” and get some easy early buckets. Also, let’s hope we don’t settle for low-percentage shots (those off-balance floaters mid-key are absolutely driving me crazy). Motion offense, back screens, quick passes prioritized over iso-dribbles should get us in a good rhythm early.

I hate the 4pm start. I looked at the schedule ahead, it appears that we have at least 2 more of those the rest of conference play.


Write that letter to Renee, @buckets about the early starts. I’m with you. SCU always seems lethargic. Maybe it’s easier for the families they are targeting with comp/community benefit tickets?

I also liked the press against SMC and would like to see it utilized a little more. If Herb wants to go 9 or 10 deep in the rotation, it seems only logical to have the guys running all over while they are in.

USD has surpassed very low expectations this year. They’re not a good team, but a better team than expected, and I hope they keep their young but talented group together in the seasons to come.

Give me 84-62 Broncos in a game that is close for 27 minutes before Bal starts a rout. I’m looking for Ensminger to continue his streak of good play.

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It’s not just in the Renee era…I’m talking about going back 40 years…I don’t know why, but we stink historically in games that start before 6pm. Honestly, I don’t care why…it is what it is, accept it and plan around it.

Not sure who is responsible for start times, home team or league. These are the games that worry me, the games we should win but sometimes we don’t show up and lose. Not so much in last two years so that is a good sign. I agree with comments on hoping we play like last half of SMC game and use the press more. I believe we have the talent to win the rest of our games but still not sold on our will to play every night or in this case afternoon. Hope we play hard and smart and GO BRONCOS!!!

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I don’t really care or think it’s a factor as it relates to tip off time. It can be 7am, 4pm, 7pm, etc…Both teams are subjected to the same conditions. Execution and discipline will prevail regardless of the time of day.

To say otherwise becomes a convenient excuse…



Thank you Pistolpete! Couldn’t agree more
Concentrate on what you control. As the saying goes, excuses (game start time, referees, injuries, playing time) are like ………
I golf but laugh when PGA tour players complain about a course, they all play the same course so what does it matter?


Start time shouldn’t be an issue today. USD is pretty terrible. Broncos cruise to victory 77-61

tilly active for SCU

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also we will be chilling on our software if you want our pov at tip: kscusports | Santa Clara vs San Diego

Ice cold offense despite a million offensive rebounds. Bad defense. Why aren’t the Broncos pressing against a turnover prone team?

You can say that, and I agree it shouldn’t matter, but if you look back over the decades, you’ll see for some reason our winning percentage is significantly lower.

We should be PRESSING after EVERY made basket. Somehow, we make some of these horrible teams look good. I just don’t get it. Let’s use our advantage (depth, athleticism) to disrupt the opponents’ rhythm.

Even Lavin can out coach Herb.

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USD is pressing, but not SCU. Pretty funny in an upsetting way.


The turnovers are mind boggling…many of them unforced or just bad/dumb decisions.


Appears Tyree is out tonight, not sure I see him on the bench.

With that many O boards, SCU should be up 15, not down 5.

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Ensminger is such a floor general, we really don’t need Benjamin or Hammond on the floor with him.

My favorite lineup is him plus bal, Marshall, tongue and O’Neill.

Tilly just is a step slow coming back from injury. Caffaro has no hands.


Yes, the O rebounds are great but mostly negated by the 12 turnovers.


Caffaro should get no playing time.

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