Klintman back in play?

Maryland just announced a “resignation” (my emphasis) of Mark Turgeon, to be replaced by Danny Manning on an interim basis. I cannot imagine what plan leads you to extend a coach in April, agree a resignation in december and have Danny Manning, one of the worst coaches in ACC history not named Les Robinson, be your interim option. But whatever.

Klintman only visited there and Rutgers. Obviously he could stick with Maryland or commit to Rutgers. But I wonder if he re-opened recruitment if he would expand his options. I doubt Kansas and Virginia will be back on the table, so the other offers he had were: SCU, Texas A&M, Nebraska, USF.

But it may depend on who his primary recruiter was/is; relationships matter. Often times a player’s primary recruiter/contact is one of the assistants, not the head coach. So IF Manning was the point man on his recruitment and IF Manning gets the gig permanently (not suggesting he should) then Klintman likely stays. Or if other variables were significant reasons for him to commit there (the school itself, relationship with other players, location, etc.) then maybe he chooses to stay regardless of the coaching change.
We’ll see.
We have at least 3 scholarships slots available for next season, and with the state of the game (transfers) it’s probably safe to say we’ll have 4+ available slots. We only have 1 commitment to date so I assume/expect we’re still hot on the recruiting trail. A couple of slots will likely be filled by an incoming transfer but there’s probably room for at least 1 more HS recruit.

Certainly true, but 2 things – 1, Manning was only hired this summer. 2, I am very confident he won’t be in the plan for HC. He was terrible at Wake. Klintman is from Sweden and currently plays in KS. I don’t think suburban location of UMD (a pretty crappy suburb, really) is a big factor for him :slight_smile:

Yeah I definitely think with this season we are probably at the point where most years there are 1-2 scholarships left in reserve to take advantage of transfer opportunities. I actually count at least 4 open already (Pipes, Vrankic assuming he comes back this season, and the two already gone). Could certainly be more, things are crazy anymore. Hard to know what to count on year to year.