Hudgens to Northern Colorado


I think he has a lot of upside. Good luck to him.


Agree, best of luck to Trent.

Somewhat interesting choice…IF Verbal Commits is accurate (it isn’t always), then Northern CO’s top 4 guards including top 3 scorers are all returning. Might be hard for Trent to get consistent PT in 2021/22, might be the following season before he gets his real chance.

On Verbal Commits it shows that he is expected to red shirt this upcoming season, so looks like that makes sense. Best of luck to Trent!


Was always a questionable recruit that smelled of Wertz’s departure being unexpected.

Probably would have been better going for an upperclassman transfer, which it seems is the way the staff is approaching it now.

Redshirting is a good move for Hudgens, as it would be for most undergrad transfers. Very few transfers are going in the first round of the nba draft. Might as well use your extra year and get better.

I agree. He was a late, under-the-radar guy. I think the expectations were maybe a bit too high because we were hoping for another Trey.

He seems like a plenty good player who is capable of success. He just wasn’t a frosh phenom and will benefit from some development and time in the college game.