Transfer Portal targets

Just going to share recent transfer portal news here

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One must imagine we are an attractive spot to land given a good track record with Podz, a recent high pick in Williams, and I think what can be counterintuitively attractive: a somewhat off-the-radar spot to work on one’s game with a well known coach and fewer distractions.

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If we get the right two guys and Podz returns, I think NCAA aspirations are not too far fetched.


I’m a bit confused…we already have 2 new guys coming in (McEldon and Hammond), do we actually have room for any transfers?

Guys will leave. . Just the reality of today’s CBB scene.

Justice, Carlos Marshall, WIlliams all have moved on we’ve heard, right?

Podz could be gone.

Justice is definitely out of eligibility.
Marshall cold theoretically request (and I would think would be granted) a medical redshirt since he only played a couple of games; have no idea if he plans to do so and 'Femme (and maybe others) have said he’s planning on moving on. Still on the team as far as I know and has been on the bench so I guess things could change and he could stick around.
Giordan- been here four years but still 2 years of eligibility remaining given the free COVID season and sitting out this year. Sounds like from 'Femme and others that he’s also planning on leaving.
So at least 1 spot available beyond the 2 incoming frosh we have signed. And as 'hoops5 notes, others are bound or likely to leave…I’ll wait until we’re done playing games before I speculate on who that may be.