Ncaa tournament

Don’t get me wrong I thought the Gaels would win this game but not totally surprised they lost. I had them losing to Alabama in the next game. I thought their major issue was the lack of a bench. They played 6 or 7 guys all year. In the tournament you need depth as after round one everyone is good. I thought that was where we had a shot in the WCC tourney but then Ducas gets hot and Bal did not. Ducas was a no show last night with the same open shots but he missed and lost confidence. Refs let both teams play and SMC’s center was neutralized. SMC not used to the other guys getting the free throws. Gonzaga while I would call this an off year for them, is deeper in talent and they know what they need to have to go far in the tourney. Hope Broncos can make it next year. GO BRONCOS!!!


While I’ve commended SMC for their great D, rebounding and playing fundamentally sound, I’ve also said for the past ~4 years that the talent level at SMC is not that spectacular.
As kevind notes, when SMC runs in to athletic teams that match their effort and toughness then they’re in trouble. Has happened their last several tourney appearances.
Saxen getting his shot swatted at the rim a few times was evidence this game was going to be different.
And SMC’s guards had trouble staying in front of GCU’s perimeter players…once you let decent guards get in to the lane your defense is compromised.

That said, SMC apparently has some high level frosh recruits coming in next year including a couple of Bay Area guys…a 4 star forward from Riordan, and a 4 - 5 star guard from Prolific Prep and Oakland.

SMC loses Ducas and Forbes. Saxen has an additional free COVID year if he chooses to use it and return. And with Jefferson’s injury occurring late in the season it remains to be seen if he’ll be ready to play by the start of next season. So some question marks in SMC’s frontcourt. I suspect they’ll try to find a 5th year transfer who can fill some minutes at the 4 similar to Forbes.

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This is exactly the reason why I think Bennett is the best coach in the conference. He gets the absolute most out of his players. He is the opposite of KK (and many other coaches out there), who tried to force a system incompatible with the players he had.

If Bennett had a great recruiter as an “Assistant Head Coach”, like a Romar, I think we’d see even greater outcomes for the Gaels.

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What are the chances that Bennett is fed up with the success and goes to a different west coast school like Washington? It seems like SMC “caps” in the first or second round every year. At Washington he would have a better everything and he could take all his guys! Not sure how many of you have taken the drive to Moraga, but SMC is nothing exotic. If he left, SMC is a bottom of the barrel team. Just an interesting thought to keep in mind.

It could happen, but I doubt it does while his son, Cade Bennett, is on the roster. But Bennett is the same age as Sendek who is probably looking at SCU as his last head coaching gig if he can maintain it. So Bennett may very well just want to retire at SMC at this point as the coach who will always define the program. Lots of great coaches flame out at a bigger job. Just ask Steve Alford. To analogize to the other WCC coaching star, it’s a lot better to be Mark Few than Dan Monson.


Parker Braun getting another shot against a familiar in Gonzaga


Foul and rebound! Lets go!

Happy for him. Kansas isn’t their normal self this year, but what a great experience to play in the Dance.

KU is playing like a 5th place WCC team: even with the Zags into halftime until Mark Few opens the floodgates in the second half. Braun getting a lot of run late. Good for him.

KU finished tied with BYU in the B12 this year, so that’s actually pretty accurate given BYU returned most of the same roster from last year haha

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Maybe it’s his injury, but Hunter Dickinson should take the “D” out of his name. No effort whatsoever. I thought the Zags would win this, but not a blowout.

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Kansas, with no depth, couldn’t afford to lose their top scorer. They were toast.

Agree w/ Patty re: Bennett. I don’t see him going anywhere.

He’s had opportunities at various Power Conf schools that he’s turned down. I suspect he realizes or thinks he’s in the best place for him. If you’ve seen Randy in interviews, he’s a bit awkward and I don’t think he likes or enjoys the media. If he goes to Power conf school, he’s going to be expected to rub elbows with monied donors, be accessible to the media and will be under more media and pundit scrutiny…all things I think he despises.

Maybe he’d do a token stint for a few years as an NBA assistant or maybe HC overseas. Or I could see him retire for a year or two and then return as a top assistant for a Blue Blood for a couple of years to stay engaged in the game.

Just my impression…we’ll see.

Not sure if anyone else noticed, but there are three Jesuit schools playing in today’s Sweet 16 slate.

I saw someone joke online that the Jesuits have 20+ D1 basketball programs but have only managed one national championship in like 30 years. The Augustinians have 3 national titles and only needed one school to do it. That cracked me up a bit.

I think Marquette may have an outside shot at winning it all.

Interesting how all three teams ended up on the same side of the bracket…ensuring that a final game could not end up Jesuit vs. Jesuit.

Bad day to be a Jesuit Basketball school.

Agree…but I’d trade places with them.

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Jaden’s Seton Hall squad beat Georgia in the NIT semi-finals last night and plays Indiana St. in the championship game Thursday. Jaden had 14pts, 7rebs last night.
Indiana St. beat Utah to advance. I’ll be rooting for Jaden and Seton Hall but I’m also glad Indiana St. has advanced to the finals. I think they got robbed and should have been in the NCAA’s…their NIT performance proves it.


Great stat line by Jaden. Happy for his success! Seton Hall will have their hands full with Indiana State, Jaden will be picking up Robbie Avila who is quite talented.

As an aside, big TV night last night for former Broncos - Podz, JDub, Justice, Jaden all on national broadcasts, although JDub was out with injury (ankle). Quite a year he is having!


Podz not scoring as much, but his +/- last night of 17 was way higher than anyone else on either team. Chris Paul was next at +8. Podz is just ballin’ smart and making plays.