NIT Broncos Watch

I realize nobody, myself included, is quite over Saturday’s loss. I get it. That being said, our projections for a NIT bid still look solid as of this morning. We are still entrenched as a #4 seed. Many “one bid” conference tournaments are reaching their conclusion. So, we need as many #1 seeds to hold serve and win their respective conference tournament.

Kennesaw St - #1 seed (In)
UNC Asheville - #1 seed (In)

Drake (MVC), SE Missouri St (Ohio Valley) both stole a bid, thus relegating conference regular season champ to an automatic NIT bid and reducing two NIT at large.

Today, keep an eye on these schools as we need them to win. All #1 seeds in action tonight:

Youngstown St…Horizon (Semi)
Furman…Southern (Final)
Hofstra…Colonial (Semi)
Oral Roberts…Summit (Semi)


The Sunbelt will also earn an NIT bid as their regular season conference champion, Southern Miss, was eliminated in the conference tournament.

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Was just taking a look at Bronco hoops history.

Under Carrol Williams, we went to the NIT in '84, '85, '88, and '89 with an NCAA Trip in '87. Meaning five out of six years with an NIT or NCAA bid. While that wasn’t the highest heights the program ever reached (final four in the '50s, 3 great years in the late '60s, or the notable upsets in the '90s), it may be the most consistent long stretch we ever had, i.e., more that two or three seasons.

I would be very happy if we were returning to something like that. For that reason, I hope we get a bid this year, home or not.


Yes, it will likely come down to those mid/lower tier regular season conference champions winning their respective tournaments. Fingers crossed.

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I think six bids stolen so far. It’s going to be tight. Hofstra lost today. Eastern Washington lost last night :man_facepalming:

For context, there were 11 auto NIT bids last season, 10 in 2019.
No NIT tourney in 2020 and 2021 was abbreviated with only 16 teams and no autobids.


Last night’s results were a mixed bag. We got some help last night with wins from Furman (Southern) and Oral Roberts (Summit).

Conversely, two #1 seeds fell in Youngstown St and Hofstra, both now headed to the NIT.

I checked a couple of sites this morning. Barking Crow provides no metrics and did NOT have SCU in last year. As of this morning, we are out.

Yet, DRatings had us in last year and as a #5 seed on Selection Sunday for the NIT was spot on. This morning’s update has SCU as a #4 seed.

So, I will pay closer attention to this site which provides some metrics and sees SCU much more favorably.


A few #1 seeds from one bid conferences are in action tonight.

Vermont…America East Semi
Texas A&M CC…Southland Semi
Oral Roberts…Summit Finals

NKU just won, but it looks like they were tied with their opponent in Horizon conference play. If there are regular season co-champs, does the loser get the NIT autobid?

Buckets…N. Kentucky was the #4 seed in Horizon which doesn’t matter since they captured automatic bid with win tonight.

Youngstown St was the conference champ during conference play and the #1 seed before losing in semis last night to NKU. Consequently, Youngstown St received a bid to NIT.

Vermont won and Oral Roberts was winning at last check, which is good news.

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ahh, sorry, I didn’t peel back the onion, just saw that both teams tonight had the same record and made an assumption. My bad

It was a good night as it relates to the NIT watch and #1 seeds.

Oral Roberts…Won - Clinched NCAA bid.
Texas A&M CC…Won - Will play in finals.
Vermont…Won- Will play in finals.


Texas A&M CC…(Southland Final)
Colgate…( Patriot Final)
Alcorn St…(SWAC Quarter)
Iona…(Metro Atl Quarter)

Iona has a NET ranking in the mid 60’s and lost to SCU on neutral floor in Vegas. I don’t think it has the resume to qualify as an at large, even with a loss in conference final. They probably will need to win their tournament.

Lastly, DRatings hasn’t made any updates since yesterday, and expect we will remain where we are with the positive results from last night.

Outside of Barking Crow, has anybody come across any sites with NIT projections? Very few exist.

There are a couple of others still showing SCU in the NIT asa 7 seed. Yesterday. Google NIT braketology to get the other sites. Today we are out as BYU is in with a higher NET ranking 84 to our 85, how that happens when we beat them twice and have a better record is beyond me. One site has us as a 4 seed in the NIT but two sites have out.

Another one. Although Liberty is not an Auto-Bid.

If BYU gets in and SCU doesn’t I’m gonna be beyond pissed.


Aaron Woliczko Named to NIT Selection Committee - West Coast Conference

I think he has enough common sense to push for Santa Clara over BYU. Considering BYU would not host, don’t think the $$$ would play too much into it.

NIT Committee
Aaron Woliczko (West Coast Conference senior associate commissioner for men’s basketball), Rick Byrd (former NCAA Division I men’s basketball coach), Tim Duncan (New Orleans vice president of athletics and recreation), Craig Littlepage (former Virginia director of athletics), Bob McKillop (former NCAA Division I men’s basketball coach), Gary Waters (former NCAA Division I men’s basketball coach), and Bob Williams (former Division I men’s basketball coach).


Alcorn State lost tonight. Will take up an NIT spot.

Texas A&M CC, Colgate, and Iona all won.

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As of this morning, March 9th, some encouraging news to share. DRatings has moved SCU up to the lowest #3 seed and two spots up overall.

There are more #1 seeds in play from mid and low major conferences today. I will provide a list soon.


John Templon has SCU with yet another game at Wazzu in the first round. Notably, SCU is not on the NIT bubble in his estimation. No BYU.


I don’t see how BYU gets in period!! I have to believe that we’re in and may even have an opportunity at a first round home game, which should excite the fan base and hopefully get a capacity crowd inside Leavey.

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