NIT Game 1: Sam Houston St

Tipoff: Wednesday, 6pm @ Leavey
Line: Torvik- Broncos -3, 62% win prob; ESPN- Broncos -3.5.

Sam Houston St.
The Bearkats are 25-7 on the season, 14-4 and 2nd place in the WAC, coming off a loss to GCU in the WAC tourney. Ranked 65th on NET, 68th on Torvik.

Starters Recent Games / Stats:

  • 6-1 point guard Qua Grant (14pts, 4rebs, 4assists, 36% from 3)
  • 6-2 guard Donte Powers (11.4pts, 3rebs, 42% from 3)
  • 6-2 guard Javion May (4pts, 4.8rebs, 26% from 3)
  • 6-7 forward Cameron Huefner (10.2pts, 3.1rebs, 43% from 3)
  • 6-10 post Kaosi Ezeagu (5.7pts, 3.8 rebs)
  • Top bench guys: 6-4 wing Lamar Wilkerson (7.5pts, 3rebs, 37% from 3) and 6-6 forward Tristan Ikpe (4.5pts, 4rebs)

The Bearkats excel on D, ranked 16th on Torvik and force a lot of turnovers (14th on Torvik in TO%). On offense they are mediocre overall but do shoot very well 3pointers well at 38%. The play a pretty small lineup and rotation and don’t get much scoring from their post players. Guards are short but fairly athletic with strong builds.

The long layoff for the Broncos has hopefully given them some time to rest up and recup and forget about the bad USF game.
Broncos have struggled at times defending the 3 which could be an issue vs. the Bearkats. Also need to take care of the basketball, keep the live ball turnovers low. Hopefully the Broncos can take advantage of the size advantage and dominate the glass and in the post.

Prediction: 75-71 Broncos.

Win this one and face the winner of North Texas vs. Alcorn State…most likely North Texas in a road game.


Thanks 92!! Grant was POY in the WAC. I agree. We really need to protect the basketball as turnovers were an issue in the loss to USF.

Don’t see a line yet either but will just add that Torvik has the Home/Away messed up for this game so we might actually be a slight favorite.

We’re the best team they have played since December period, plus we get them at home.

Filtering for stats against top 100 teams, we rank 54th on the year (better than Mississippi State, NC State, and ASU among other bubble teams) while they rank 149th. We should be able to prevent them from getting anything from 2.

So if I get this right…they excel in D, they create turnovers, their best player (and the league’s POY) is their point guard, and our perimeter D has been suspect all year. Maybe it’s me, but as Han Solo famously said: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I’ll be there, just as I was at the Orleans to see Shabazz drop three dozen on us. Hoping for a different result.


SCU favored by 3.5pts… I’d lay the points and take the Broncos all day on that one.

Watched the Sam Houston - Abilene Christian video posted by 'Bob in the other NIT thread…wasn’t overly impressed.

They are reasonably athletic, are scrappy and play hard and have a couple of solid 3pt shooters. But seemed like a lot of frenetic, helter-skelter play, not much skill in the post. Kind of reminded me of some of Stoudamire’s better Pacific teams. But that was just one game…don’t know if that’s representative.

Speaking of Stoudamire…he just got hired as the head coach at Georgia Tech

Hadn’t heard that…good for Damon.
Seems like a decent guy; did a solid job at Pacific taking over a program in disarray, sanctions dropped their allowed scholarships to I think 8 for a couple of seasons; despite that, still had a couple of somewhat competitive seasons.

Torvik has now corrected the home/away issue…line now Broncos -2.9. Updated original post.

Will be interesting to see who is considered the actual home/away teams Wed. in terms of unis, bench used, etc.

Line up to Broncos -4.5.

Their board didn’t sound too optimistic.

We haven’t won an NIT game since 1984. Let’s get it!

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I was hoping the crowd would be better, hopefully it fills up some more

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I think it’s dead week (or maybe next)…students maybe a little fried/stressed with finals looming.

Wow we look terrible tonight, can’t hit a shot. Hopefully they wake up soon!

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Both teams, esp Broncos, struggling on O.

Qua Grant with two 3’s so far…giving me flashbacks of Shabazz. Need to bottle him up.

Good to see Podz finally get on the board. Let’s go!

Both teams shooting like they haven’t touched a ball in a few weeks… hopefully this gets better.

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Justice (or anyone for that matter) is shooting clanks.

Hopefully we catch fire soon.

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Keyshawn needs to sink some of those 3’s, we’re getting him wide open looks.