NIT Game 1: Sam Houston St

Thank goodness Sendek went to Tilly early in this one.


Is the color guy from the Sam Houston development department? I don’t love criticizing commentary, but this is obscenely one-sided.

Not quite, he’s a brutal listen but has been an ESPN college bball announcer for a decade at least.

Played at Maryland in the 80s.

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Only 2 threes made and still in it. Rebounding well. I think you have to put Tilly on the floor to start the second half. Sam Houston is too good defensively to only have 3 scoring options on the floor.

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Other than Tilly, that was an ugly half.


Bediako and Braun combined 1st half:
0 pts
3 reb

Geez…soft expression of what I’d like to say. Thank God for Tilly!


Nice to see the early change to Tilly and Tongue. Hard to believe Tilly didn’t start the 2nd half.

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If we dont put pressure on the ball AS SOON as they cross half court - we may as well hand them this game on a platter.

Sam Houston D is pushing our perimeter guys (Stewart, Podz and Justice) away from basket on pic/roll and dribble hand-offs making those screens and pics ineffective. Need to go to something else.

Tilley is having a game! Can’t wait to see him next year.

Hopefully we can keep the lead and close this one out


Unfortunately, something different is not in Sendek’s thoughts.


Beyond frustrating to finish the season with 2 losses to inferior teams.

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Tough ending, great move by Tilly, but you have to finish that.


Bediako in the middle was just terrible on D. No rotation and barely moving feet. Tilly by far best big man on team. Not even close. Looking forward to his career here. Knapper didn’t make shot all night that I remember. Can’t win with two scorers on a team…

Played decent the later 10mins of each half, terrible the first 10mins.

No show from Braun and Bediako is difficult. Sam Houston bigs were nothing special, this was a game those two should have made hay as Tilly did.

Two bad games to end the season and 2nd year in a row to get bounced from the NIT w/o a win…just puts a damper on both seasons. Missed opportunities for some post season success to build on.


The only silver lining I see is Podz returning. We lucked out getting a home game and could not take advantage. Nice. To go to the NIT but very disheartening to lose the first game each year. Could not see game but followed the scoring and we really never got them in trouble. Tilly’s numbers looked good. Hopefully we can continue to build on this year but a lot will depend on Podz’s status.

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Yeah, frustrating for sure. Liked the fight when we got down 10. We just gave away too many possessions on offense. First play of the game after 11 days off is a Braun three point shot? Tilly is going to be an absolute nightmare for opponents in the WCC when he puts on 15 more pounds. This might sound crazy but he has the potential to eventually have a Timme like impact.

Perhaps by next season Herb in his infinite wisdom will see there are benefits to playing Tilly more than 10 minutes a night?


Bummer of a loss.

I am very optimistic about next year with Stewart/Tilly development if Podz comes back. If he doesn’t, they have to go hard in the Portal. (They need to regardless). We have some nice pieces returning.

Sucks to let that one get away. Crowd wasn’t large but it was loud the second half. Good environment.

Some perspective (maybe sad…)

If you had told me we’d return to the NIT this year, I would have taken it.

Steps in the right direction. Can’t back track.

Thanks to Keshawn for a great five years. You could tell how much it mean’t to him and he was emotional when the game ended. Seems like a great kid.


Thanks to Keshawn for a great five years. You could tell how much it mean’t to him and he was emotional when the game ended. Seems like a great kid

. +1000