NLI Basketball Nov 8-15

Next Wednesday begins the early signing period. I know Brincos have a verbal from Allen Graves, PF, Louisiana.

Is anyone hearing any noise of recruits the Broncos are targeting?

It’s difficult to determine how many spots will be available next season due to free agency…I mean the transfer portal :blush:

Please pardon lack of spell check on first use of Broncos…my bad!

We also have a verbal from the Canadian kid at West Valley. Elijah Mahi.


I’m not as familiar with JUCO recruiting except that NCAA eligibility is affected on a 1:1 basis. Does Mahi sit out this season to preserve three years of eligibility at SCU. Or does he play and burn a year of eligibility, albeit with the hope that he’s ready for the D1 transition pretty much immediately?


He could theoretically burn a red-shirt year this season at West Valley to retain 3 years of eligibility once he arrives at SCU.

But that seems highly unlikely and maybe not the best approach for his continued development. These days, with rampant transfers there’s no guarantee he’d stay at SCU for 3 years anyhow so you may as well get two good years from him.

Plus it sounds like he is playing regularly for Team Canada and of course getting lots of PT for West Valley. It seems he’d be ready to contribute immediately at SCU and limited video I’ve seen of him seems to back that up. Some sources: Elijah Mahi - Google Search

I’m pretty excited about Mahi. I don’t recall us getting someone like him. He’s a 6-6, strong bodied and athletic wing. Maybe a little bigger/stronger version of Kosy but with a more developed offensive skill set. Appears he has some slashing ability, 40% shooter from 3 on modest attempts (2.5/game last season), solid rebounder, blocks a decent # of shots, etc.


Broncos have officially signed PF, Allen Graves out of Louisiana. He was MVP of last year’s state championship game. He average 20 pts, 15 reb, as a junior.

Welcome Allen!


Mahi officially signed.

Elijah Mahi Signs With Bronco Men’s Basketball - Santa Clara University (