(Not even) Crickets

Wow, after the last Bronco game’s abysmal showing, this message board has deflated faster than a Tom Brady football. A close loss would’ve kept everyone pumped up, but a flat performance seems to have reverted the fanbase back to “here we go again”. Really a shame.

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Sorry buckets. Guilty as charged. Been burned too many times over the last 20+ years. Being in the gym to see the debacle live made it worse.

I guess I should be upbeat about a turnaround, a possible NIT bid or a great run to finish the season, but I am going to need to see something in the next game or two to bring me back to the same mental state I was at tip off last saturday.


Not even a Best Buy Express Kiosk can get you back to that mental state?

For me it was the fact that USF’s Golden employed simple adjustments from witnessing our last match-up to make Sendek look like a lost little boy. That was pretty deflating.

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“Hello Mr. Weave. Can i help you select an electronics device that might help take your mind away from such an upsetting incident?”

Sorry BroncoHoops board, a bit of an inside joke.


You see the game bettererer than anyone on this board. After watching (some) of the LMU game (we had guests over so i was looking out if the corner of my eye), I am just flummoxed by what i see is a constipation in Herbs offensive scheme. Am i wrong about that?

Sorry, I think I sent a reply to your email instead of posting. Constipation… that’s a good way to describe Herb’s set offense.

We scored 84 points? Before the admitted dud against Usf, last week we dropped more on smc than anyone they had played so far that season?

Late to reply here as well, as I didn’t have a chance to see the game. It appeared to be a game of significant runs and saw that SCU had a 10 pt lead with 2 min to go. Turnovers, poor shot selection or combination? It didn’t appear to be missed FT based on the stats. I did like seeing the balanced scoring and not having to rely on JW’s offense. For those that watched, was LMU in a box and 1, or did Herb just run the offense thru Josip? Despite the 11 pts, JW seemed to have a pretty solid game all the way around. I took notice of Bediako on the glass too, and Scott’s performance for LMU.

Bottom line…It’s a WIN, and a road win at that. Getting wins in Malibu and home to what is looking to be a much improved and dangerous Portland Pilots team, are attainable. As it relates to the Zags…It’s the #1 team in the country at the moment, so just go play hard, hopefully avoid injury, and let the chips fall where they may.

LMU game…no Box and 1 on Jalen they just face guarded him and denied him the ball when they could and when he had the ball in pick-n-rolls they’d double team Jalen forcing him to pass…limited his shots.
I think he still had 0 pts on the night until middle of the 2nd half. And when he did score some late 2nd half, about half the points came on fast breaks, often of steals or deflections he created plus end of game FT’s when LMU was fouling.

The last several minutes weren’t great for us. A turnover or two, took some shots earlier than we needed to instead of bleeding clock plus some bad fouls on the defensive end. And a 4 point possession for LMU when we fouled, LMU made the bucket, got the offensive rebound on the ‘And1’ free throw, got fouled and made 2 free throws.

And, correct, we generally had no answer for Eli Scott…more or less true the past 5 years.

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92 Bronc: Thanks for the summary!