Other WCC TalkBoards

In case anyone ever wants to see other fans’ inputs from around the league… I wanted to post these here (in order of most to least active).

Thank you admins for your continued efforts- as you look at other boards, it doesn’t take long to realize ours has the best UI/UX.

Fair warning to the wise, we’re often referred to as SCUm and it’s healthy to not engage but read from afar. I usually just check for breaking conference news and some postgame analysis.


When to comes go Gonzaga, I’ve usually gone to : https://www.slipperstillfits.com/

It’s part of sbnation’s network of blogs. Not quite as good as it was at its peak, but there’s still select blogs that have a healthy community.

Thanks, @Midwestbronco14 We can pin this one for the future.

SCUm seems a bit juvenile; the Donks is another dumb one. You also see Prunies from time to time which is quite a call back to the days when agriculture and not tech was running the South Bay.

One that gives me a laugh is someone on the GU board likes to refer to USF as the “Fighting Sobratos” after the Sobrato family bought the naming rights to War Memorial on the Hilltop. I’ve always wondered if that poster knows where the Sobrato money really flows…

We do not have common pejoratives for our benighted brothers and sisters from USF and SMC. Their association with those schools is punishment enough :wink:


For my money the best WCC pejorative is Bettererer’s “Hamburglars” for USF. It’s a great combination of being g-rated and clever!


While the link still works, the USD board has more or less been dead for a couple of years now with no activity.
Though there wasn’t a ton of traffic, Pepp did have an active board a few seasons ago, not sure what happened there.

Grateful for JC, Patty and others who keep this board running!


W called USF the “Dongs” back in the Rambis- Cartwright days. After looking at their message board, it’s not far afield today.

Thanks, Midwest, for the survey!


Thanks again, @Midwestbronco14 I cleaned the links up a bit and pinned the topic for easy access.


Funny reads on the Broncos. That being said - I’d never want to be associated with any group that claims their equality to GOD. Seems a bit sacrilegious to me. lol

As I remind my friends from SMC. It is a college and not a university. I always put emphasis on the C in SMC… As for being sacrilegious that they are.