Preseason All-WCC

Congratulations to Jalen Williams and Josip Vrankic for both being selected to the preseason All-WCC team!

Broncos picked 6th.

Full release here:


Obviously this prediction is a just a guess, but color me excited! 6 years in and 6th place in the WCC? Wow, Sendek has managed to accomplish zero in his time @ SCU (and that’s hard to do if you’re actually trying).

Provably (and proven many times over) false. Been shown on here many times how he has improved on what he took over from his predecessor.

I suppose you blame the coach for a kid from Harvard turning out to be an antivaxxer and recruiting a kid that was so good that he got a pro contract at the 11th hour.

Actually I am guessing you do since you blame him for having Feagin and Hauser out for the year almost before it got started.

Improvement from his predecessor is not saying much. The new SJSU coach could average 5 wins per season over his first five and that would be an improvement. The University did not invest what it has to just improve on a program that was sub .500, NCAA and NIT were what we were told
The coach is responsible for his/her program, I respect Herb for not making excuses and I’m certain he doesn’t want people making them for him.

Not 5 wins (that’s what they’re doing now) but yeah, kinda.

SJSU has had 2 winning seasons since 1987 and never in the Mountain West. So just having a winning season would be one measure of success. They’ve had double digit wins just once in the last 10 years. So getting to a level where you can do that a few years in a row would be a measure of incremental progress. Which is pretty much where Wojcik was, and I would say he did a good job there.