SCU Assists

Especially the first 5 games of the season, SCU passed like Steve Kerr was the coach.
I did an analysis of the assists for the season and there has been a big drop off in December and it has led to more losses. I acknowledge to loss of Josip is big. More assists and less 3’s and crazy shots please.

Wins Assists (Avg 17)
Stan 27
Nev 21
Cal Poly 15
TCU 17
Haw 12

Losses Assists (avg 12)
Fresno 9
Irvine 14
Lou Tech 17
Cal 12
Boise 10

HB, this goes straight to my point earlier in another thread. In the first 5-6 games of the season, there was a lot of motion in the half-court offense. Guys circulating constantly off-ball, and getting open on back screens, leading to easy passes to uncontested “good-look” shots with high-probability of success.

Since the Fresno State game, I’ve noticed that the motion that was there is now almost non-existent. I really don’t get the change to what we see on the court today.

Would love to see us get into a deliberate motion offense like Flex when needed - especially when teams are better athletically and we’re not running any type of effective set.

Pack the key, solid picks, passes, layups etc. Great way to change tempo during a game and penalize the other team if they dare overplay on defense. Make it a mind-numbing experience for the other team to play defense against us because we’ll run you through the sausage grinder again and again if need be.

I know of a coach or two from SCU that could help implement!

Unfortunately, Sendek seems incapable of adjustment or meaningful change. It’s obvious to everyone else that things need to change. The opponents have just copied what Fresno did to SCU. This is a talented squad that is being squandered.

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