Soccer and Women's Hoops are on a roll too

Women’s Soccer knocked off Georgetown in OT this morning and now heads to the Sweet 16. They defeated Stanford in the first round.

Men’s Soccer defeated Akron in 2OT and now heads to the Round of 32.

Women’s Hoops is 3-0 with wins over San Jose State, Cal Poly, and Nevada.


Someone can fact-check me, but I believe MSOC’s NCAA tournament starts with 32, so they are in the round of 16 against Kentucky.

WSOC lost a heartbreaker in Georgetown a few years back…

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Men’s Soccer is 48…Some teams get a bye so down to 32 right now.

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I remember that Georgetown heartbreaker. I think that was the first year that the College Cup was going to be at Avaya, making it extra bitter.

On the women’s side, 3 WCC teams in the Sweet 16 as Pepp and BYU both advanced. We beat them both in league play. Shows the strength of the league and how meaningful it is for the Broncos to simply win league.

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Thanks, Bob!

I knew it was somehow different…

2021 has to be the best sports year for SCU in…its history?

Didn’t we win the Orange Bowl and Make the Final Four in the same calendar year? 1952?

I know the basketball team that got to #2 in the AP poll and the baseball team that were college World Series runner-ups were both 60s but I don’t think same year.


This is why we love you @getnashty

Never change.

Let’s say 1962 for baseball and if it was the late 60s then 1969 for basketball where we were No. 2 to UCLA and blasted by them in the regionals.

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In 1989 the Mens Basketball team made the NIT and the Mens Soccer team won the national title (err, tied for it?) and baseball went 40-22… that’s a contender

Another win for WSOC, on the play St John’s and I believe if they can win that (and it seems more winnable than some
Of the teams they’ve already beat) it would BYU potentially.

Men’s Soccer today in a few hours…

You beat me to it, Bullpenance; Those Awtrey/Ogden and subsequent Stewart teams were my introduction to Bronco basketball. Hoping for an extended Renaissance.


Getnashty stick with hoops…

St John got blownout by Duke 7-1 so Broncos at Duke Friday 3:00PM PST
South Carolina at BYU Saturday 4:00PM PST

Potential meeting in semis of College Cup if both Broncos and BYU advance.

Ha! I solemnly swear I won’t try to navigate that bracket mobile-y again!

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I dont think its been mentioned but SCU hosts the final four this year - so we are one win away from homefield advantage for the semi’s (12/3).

MSOC lost to Kentucky 2-0.

Women’s team plays so well. It’s poetry out there. Jerry Smith is incredible, and it’s amazing to watch how he adapts. The game earlier in the year against Pepperdine was a prime example. Just destroyed them in ways nobody else did all year. Switched some players around, created more space, and just bowled them over with the attack.

Would be sweet to get the games back to SCU. Remember that Santa Clara hosted in like 2000 or so but couldn’t get to the finish that year.

I’ll throw out 1991 as a solid year, especially with soccer. Was a point that year when both the men’s and women’s teams were ranked #1 at the same time.


My beloved Class of 1991: we had Chastain AND the Rast brothers in our graduating class. So happy to see Brandi’s husband and Cam there after all of these years. Above all else, SCU has been a community more akin to family than institution. I hope it can retain that character in this modern day.


Yes, remember that gloomy nasty cold day in 2016 and the 1-0 loss vividly. The field was in nasty shape, brown patchy grass. The shot was taken from the left side probably 5 yds beyond the corner of the 18yd box. Upper left corner of netting from an ND grad transfer with Melissa Lowder in goal… So, Nice payback win at Georgetown avenging that loss!!!

Sunday’s win over Wisconsin had to had to have been the most adverse win in program history. Playing down a player for 29 minutes after Emma Reeves gets a very questionable Red Card. Wisconsin ties it up 1-1 with 20 minutes remaining. Then we go ahead 2-1 with 8 minutes remaining. Our effort and composure is a testament to the grittiness of this team.

Now it’s on to Duke - Friday 11/26 3:00PM Pacific. A win takes us to the College Cup at Stevens Stadium! YES!!!

Onto the College Cup! Broncos prevail 2-1 over duke.