Women's Hoop

I feel like Women’s Hoop deserves it’s own thread. The Broncos are 59th in the NET, with a game upcoming @ Arizona State (139).

That’s a pretty impressive turnaround for a program that has really struggled for the last 15 years. I don’t know much about the current team, but Tess Heal seems to be the real deal. It took Coach Carr a little bit of time to get the team going in the right direction but it appears he has done it.

Go Broncos!


The women’s team seems to be working hard to do targeted international recruiting: four players from Melbourne, Australia and two more from Greece.

Tess Heal is an incredible scorer with a 44% shooting average from 3. The team overall is doing a great job rebounding and hitting their free throws. SCU’s 81% free throw conversion rate is top 10 in the country. Their rebounding margin and AST/TO ratio are top 50.

Their attendance is averaging 220 per game, so a worthy challenge to this board is for folks to do their best to take in a women’s game this season since, at the moment, they are rising to heights the men haven’t quite reached!


Women win @ ASU today. ASU is not great, but a P12 win on the road is nothing to complain about.


just moved to 13-3 with an opening conference win over Pacific. Hope they can keep this up during conference because it was a similar last year and they couldn’t hold up due to injuries. Could get in the dance with a break or two!


got their 20th win of the season tonight at USF! 20-7 on the season for Bill Carr’s squad


Big win for the 'Cos. Now tied with Portland for second place. We’ve split with them and are 75ish in NET.


Women are 21-7 and doing great. Last two years have been a big improvement. I would hope they do well in the conference tournament and if not an NCAA bid a women’s NIT bid. The women are following the SMC model with the Australian connection. Good for them. Hope the crowds can improve but believe they will worth success. Big win today against Portland as mentioned that ties us with them for second place. GO BRONCOS!!