Thanks Portland ! Beat USF tonight!

Woo hoo - big loss on the hilltop

I don’t really see it as a good thing…?

It’s bad for the league’s chances to get more teams into the dance and bad for our chance to beat them with a better resume?


Yea this was a bad loss for USF. I hope their NET ranking doesn’t drop too too much.

There’s not much we can really do about it, hopefully the 3-4 bid conversation has been strong enough for the league that we can leap ahead of usf

Plus USF will have their backs against the wall worried their tourney hopes are fading…will play w/ urgency.

Odds are we are going to have to beat Gonzaga either at their place or in the WCC final to make the tournament. I want to finish second or third in conference. That would show clear progress for the program.

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2nd or 3rd place finish also avoids zags until finals

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BYU almost threw their NCAA hopes away at LMU tonight. Won by a single point in overtime.

Saw that. LMU Coach Stan Johnson was acting like a true clown on the sidelines in Overtime.

I love how animated he is, but it’s a real double-edged sword. Passionate coaches of good teams look inspiring and motivating; passionate coaches of bad teams look, well, like Keating after he kicked through the scorer’s table.


thanks for the walk down memory lane…