WCC Tonight (2/24/2022)

Some interesting matchups…and some betting lines that I just don’t understand. Gonzaga is only a 10-11 pt favorite at USF. And even more surprising: Portland is pick’em at UOP. I put both of those on a +8 teaser card along with our boys, SMC, USC and Arizona.

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Good luck and I hope you cash in. I do think USF has a slight chance against the Zags if they are hot and Gonzaga is not. About a 10% chance of winning and I can see the spread is 10.5 And since USF was ahead of Gonzaga in SPokane before bowing out late. Portland should smash UOP. Of course I hope the Broncos can do well but I never assume anything with us. SMC has to win to stay ahead of USF so they should prevail easily. Good Luck and Go BRONCOS!!!

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Buckets I like where your heads at. I took Portland tonight as well, that line made no sense. The Pilots are playing well. We’ll see if they close it out.

Oh no, usc in OT. What did you get the line at?

It’s on a teaser card, so I have the Trojans -2.5

Congrats! What a night

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