Monitoring the Portal

227 so far and probably another 1500+ to go. I see LMU had two guys in the last 24 hours but I don’t believe either contributed this season.

Thanks for the link! I just check the two players for LMU and Ivan actually was a solid rotational player for LMU. Averaged 27 minutes this season. Also their freshman David Elliott had a lot of promise in my opinion. I believe he played with Brenton Knapper in high school. Interesting to see them transfer but also not a huge huge impact as of now. They also had Gary Harris Jr. transfer out mid season. Something is up in LMU.

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Ivan Alipiev didn’t play at all this season (injury I presume)…just one of the reasons they struggled.

LMU has challenges going forward…Dameane Douglas is their most talented player but went down with his 3rd straight season ending injury. Eli Scott is out of eligibility and the roster Johnson built was heavily weighted to ‘positionless’ 6-3 to 6-7 wings types. Biggest player on their roster was 6-8 Merkviladze who primarily operated on the perimeter, zero traditional posts or forwards on their roster. A flawed strategy IMO…sounds great in theory and works OK if you can recruit a dozen Kwahi Leonards and Draymond Greens who can do everything but those guys are in very short supply and if they’re any good they head to the NBA early as the NBA highly values the few guys who truly fit that mold and check all the boxes.

Johnson seems like a high energy, likable guy and maybe he’ll draw in some good transfers but it appears the honeymoon and good vibes from his solid 1st season of 2020/21 are in the review mirror.

Oh shoot you are right. I was looking at last years stats. But I agree the honeymoon phase is over. I always thought their preseason hype/projections were overrated. I didn’t think they would be this bad though.

Agree on LMU being overrated in preseason.
They had a solid season last year but that was with 7-3 Markusson providing solid post play and rim protection that they sorely lacked this season. And they had a couple of other frontcourt role players who were good rebounder/defender types.

Preseason, not even knowing Alipiev was out for the year, I questioned whether they’d live up to the hype with literally zero interior presence or traditional post. That makes it tough when you play GU (Holmgren, Timme), USF (Massalkski), BYU (multiple bigs) and SMC (Tass)…teams that have legitimate height/size.

I seem to remember over the past 20 years some mid-major schools who got to the Sweet 16 with this strategy of basically a PG and 4 wings. Can’t quite remember exactly who they were…but I do remember that they were lights-out 3-point shooters, and that there was a lot of motion in the offense.

I’m sure there are successful examples, no question. But IMO it’s much, much easier said than done…otherwise, everyone would do it, right?
Those highly versatile, athletic and long players who pass it and handle the ball well, score inside and out, defend multiple positions, rebound, defend the rim. etc. don’t grow on trees.

Tomley in the portal. Wish him the best.


ugh…really sorry to see that, but yes, wish him the best.

Will be interesting to see if he’s on the bench if we play in the NIT, I assume not.

He can definitely shoot it, maybe the best stroke on the team, solid ball handler and doesn’t turn it over much. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him have some success elsewhere.

Dang can’t say I’m not surprised. Injuries really hurt his playing time as a Bronco and the emergence of Stewart didn’t help. Wish him the best of luck. That means more playing time for Brenton Knapper who I’m excited for next season!


I think at the D-1 level he is probably at best a specialist. If I was him then I would strongly consider going D-2 and getting 20 shots up a game. He first committed to Cal Baptist when they were still D-2 until the Santa Clara offer came around.

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Not sure I agree…think about Joey Calcaterra at USD and Joe Quintana at LMU…I don’t see a significant difference in skill, size and athletic ability between those guys and Tomley. And they are multiyear starters not just rotation or spot players.
There are probably more than a few Big West / Big Sky / WAC schools where Tomley could start or play big minutes.
That said…dropping down to D2 would likely insure PT…depends how much certainty he’s looking for. Which makes me think of Simon Fraser…Canadian college in BC who play NCAA D2.

You could be right. And honestly, I haven’t seen much of him other than highlights and the very limited playing time. Definitely heard glowing reports of his ability to shoot in drills. Calcaterra appears to have much longer arms but Quintana is pretty close in size. The only reason I say specialist is I never saw Tomley turn the corner on anyone off the dribble. I think his best hope is to develop elite level cardio ability like JJ Redick and learn to just run like crazy off of screens all game.

Too bad, but at least he can find a better opportunity and take advantage of it right away under the new transfer rules. Those old rules were bogus.

Unfortunately, Tomley played out of the system which put him in Herb’s doghouse, so he became a forgotten man

I saw this evening that Miguel Tomley has entered the transfer portal…3 yrs eligibility.

Wish him well.

I’m guessing that he won’t be the only one…

Joe Quintana transferring from LMU.

Frankly I’m surprised that everyone doesn’t transfer from LMU (other than the fact that most would need to transfer to D2 programs).

Seems like something’s up at LMU…a bad sign when someone like Quintana is bailing…has started both years under Johnson and gets plenty of PT but at the same time he isn’t likely to have many suitors from P6 or high level teams unless he’s willing to be a role player (3pt shooter) off the bench. It’s usually disgruntled guys who aren’t playing or guys aspiring to something better (KJ to SDSU, Tahj to USC) who transfer.

That said, Quintana would be heading in to his 6th season…maybe he just wants a change of scenery.