Watch GCU in WAC final tonight

Lopes had 6,000 fans last night . Tonight , they have 10 staff members at a table in front of security to welcome the 1300 staff members they flew up today for the game!!!

Biggest party in college basketball on ESPN at 8:30 tonight .

GCU would be a HUGE addition to the WCC

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I was just about to post this. I know we don’t want Grand Canyon, BUT…. They might have more folks in Vegas than the Zags (yes I know, easier drive!)


Impressive run by GCU (aka Great Clips University)!

This is perhaps a symptom of why GCU wouldn’t be a WCC fit:

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Precisely…just one of many examples. I assure you there are other similarly sketchy actions.

I went down a reddit rabbit hole when I was watching them in the tourney.

They are not a fit in the WCC.

But from an athletics standpoint, they’d be a major add and would improve the value of the conference.

Just depends how desperate the WCC is.

My son plays roller hockey for Colorado. They are in the national championship tournament in a few weeks. Grand Canyon is also in it. GCU is 19-1-2 and are playing with the big boys in D1. ('Buffs are DIII). Their first opponent is, ironically Arizona State who they defeated for the conference championship.

The tournament is in Auburn, Maine. I let you know if GCU shows up with 6, 600 or 6000 fans.

For those interested, college roller hockey, possibly like other club sports (but maybe more so), is a funny beast. Schools you’ve never heard of play it against big name schools. In D1, ASU and GCU are the only ESPN names. The others battling for the hardware are Bethel, Rowan, Henry Ford, and Farmingdale. In DII (the largest division) the names range from the Florida’s and Colorado’s to Hofstra, Yeshiva and Oswego. Go figure.