College Game Day - The Kennel

Next Saturday’s (Feb 25th) ESPN College Game Day will feature GU vs SMC at The Kennel. It’s great exposure for the conference and I expect our Broncos to be mentioned in light of the solid season that we are having.

We had a great week with two good road wins, with one not having occurred in Provo since 1972. I don’t expect this team to underestimate our last two opponents…vs Pepp; @ USD. That was evident last night in busting out of the gate and never looking back.

I expect we will play well on Thursday for Justice, being his final home game and that monentum and confidence hopefully carries over to another challenging road test @ USD. Let’s continue to roll with solid contributions from our bench for I truly believe that with all due to respect to the Zags and Gaels…we can win the conference tournament!



I agree. We are playing better now then when we matched up with them before. PLUS - SMC wont have that ridiculous favoritism in Vegas - I HOPE.