WCC Game 15: @ Portland

A few games with a slow ’ start Ok. This is now about 12… Nothing is working. It’s just hard to believe. The game plan if it exists, the players don’t execute any of it . With a height advantage we jack up low percentage 3’s early in the clock. Our defense who should know Portland is a capable 3 or shooting team is allowing wide open 3’s that are practice shots.
Players aren’t playing and coaches aren’t coaching. Our offense is all one on one. Might be time for a change ….


Now making a run.

Going w/ a small lineup of O’Neil, Marshall, Bal, Bryan, Knapper. Effectively our top 5 3-ptr threats.

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Well, at least they’ve got a chance to win it now. Bal both with 4 fouls. Somehow Robertson with just one?!

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I know we’d lose some 3pt shooting but I’d rather have Tongue on the floor in OT to guard Robertson and force someone else from Portland to beat you. Cam did a good job on Robertson the last few mins of regulation.
Robertson has torched anyone else guarding him for two straight games now…now back to back 30pt+ games.


Why don’t we put someone on Robertson who can at least keep him from backing down all the way to the hoop??


Place Cam on Robertson


Our problem is half our guys play very lack defense. When two guys are playing D but three are not it does not work.

Dont know why we didn’t just keep Cam on Robertson the whole game TBH

Really BAD shot selection. Lot of long ball rebounds that our guards don’t go after tonight.

And hate me for this but these refs were definitely ONE SIDED in Portlands favor tonight.

Epic failure. Typical. Symptomatic of the whole season - not ready, not prepared. No adjustments.


I want it noted, Robertson scored ZERO points in isolation vs Cam. Cam won’t let him back him down.


Couldn’t agree with you more about this team’s defensive woes and lack of effort


This is just a deeply flawed team. There is individual talent but as a team it’s deeply flawed. I guess on the bright side they’re finishing 4th in the WCC when they were predicted to finish 5th


There is no bright side in losing to Portland. I agree we have talent but the Jeckel and Hyde situation continues. SLow start to both half’s and you keep a team in the game long enough and it can kill you. We will now need a miracle and I don’t see it coming.

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Probably not a good idea to post when pissed off, but damn….

This team has been just awful game after game in the first half, falling behind double digits to teams with losing records. At this point in the season that shouldn’t be happening, not with the talent on this roster. Maybe that’s on the players, but I think it’s the coaching.

Tyler Robertson….68 points in two games against SCU. You mean to tell me there isn’t a player on this roster who can guard him? Put Cam on him the whole game and see what happens. I mean, he torched us for 36 in Leavey; you’d think the staff would have prioritized stopping him, but I don’t know. Maybe they figured he’d cool off.

I don’t know which loss was the worst this year, but this is right up there with SJSU and USD. Good teams peak this time of year; this team reminds me of a car driving on a foggy night with one headlight.


I don’t think the team composition is flawed, I think the scheme is flawed and preparation seems to be less than ideal.

This string of slow starts has to be broken. How about STARTING the game with full-court press or high-pressure half-court defense, with the intent to ensure that the opponent doesn’t get into a rhythm AND as a way to perhaps get some easy points off of forced turnovers? And how is it that we can’t seem to break a zone defense?


Ultimately, it’s always on the coaching. Sendek recruits them, and then he coaches them. So he either picks the wrong guys, or gets the right guys but fails to prepare them properly.

Great analogy!

There is a part of me that thinks Sendek is going to retire after this season, and that he has been coasting on cruise control this season. He also doesn’t seem to be the most inspirational coach.

Side note: I always get a kick out of your board moniker. I grew up in the same town as Ron Reis (I’m a year older), and believe it or not he played soccer up through about 8th grade, IIRC. Every other year, we would be in the same age bracket, I always played left wing and he usually played right fullback, so often had to go up against him. On more than one occasion, his best defense was to just step in front of me when I dribbled (he had about 12" in height and probably 70 lbs in weight on me). It was like hitting a brick wall.

Last I heard he was pumpkin farming somewhere in Georgia, but that was some time ago…any updates?

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Femme -

I couldn’t agree with you more on Cam being most effective on Robertson, who has just torched us this season. Cam did a nice job on the glass, but in fairness, he needs to work on his FT shooting.

I disagree with you on the officiating though. I never hear the same argument when the Broncos win.


There were two HORRIBLE calls in the first half. I’m usually not one to lay blame on refs (it is a hard job, none of them get it right 100% of the time), but sometimes there are calls made that are so obviously horrible they can unfairly change the complexion of the game in its later stages. Both Bal and CMJ ended up with 4 fouls late in the game and just couldn’t play solid D for fear of fouling out.


Bal couldn’t handle Robertson / killed us in OT. Tilly and Emsimger only had 7 shots in game

Defense has got to improve for next year


The worst loss of this season was against New Mexico. Saw them lose against SJSU, USD & New Mexico in person. That game was pathetic. 10 minutes without a FG, 28 turnovers 18 of which were steals.
Yes New Mexico is a much better team that those other two teams. But imo that was the worst loss of the season

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Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve never met RR. I chose the handle because he struck me as being among the most colorful players in program history. Last I heard he was on the pro wrestling circuit, but if he’s moved on to pumpkin farming, good on him!

You make a good point— ultimately, it’s the coaching. I think HS has taken recruiting to new heights, but I’m not all that confident in his game strategy or ability to get the most out of the talent he acquires.