WCC - Week 2 Review, Week 3 Look Ahead

Week 2 Highlights/Takeaways:

  • USF avoids being buried in the cellar and grabs their 1st victory, a 2pt win over LMU.
  • LMU with a nice win over BYU on Thurs.
  • Pacific goes 2-0 on the week to move in to 4th place.
  • Pepp and Portland continue to struggle; both need a win this week or any hope for winning record in the WCC season are effectively over.

Week 3 Look Ahead and General WCC thoughts:
Thurs. games: LMU @ SMC; Gonzaga @ BYU; Pepp @ USD; USF @ Portland.
Sat. games: SCU @ Pacific; Pepp @ BYU; Portland @ Gonzaga; USD @ LMU; SMC @ USF.

  • GU @ BYU and SMC @ USF could be entertaining games.
  • Portland could drop to 0-5 after this week.
  • Important game for the Broncos (and Pacific), Broncos need to win to move ahead of Pacific (w/ the tie breaker) and buffer against two challenging games the following week. A Pacific win would likely put them in 3rd place outright ahead of BYU who will likely go 1-1 for the week.

Standings After Week 2:
GU - 3-0
SMC - 3-0
BYU - 3-1
Pacific - 3-1
SCU - 2-2
LMU - 2-2
USF - 1-3
USD - 1-3
Portland - 0-3
Pepperdine - 0-3

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3-2 after Saturday would be solid. We knew the front half of the conf schedule was going to be the toughest - with a chance to run the table over our final 7 games.

Pacific also gets the benefit of having to play St.Mary’s and Gonzaga only once each this year. So glad the league is returning to a balanced schedule when BYU leaves.


I kinda wish we had scheduled an OOC game for this week.