WCC Tournament Seeds

Edited with the new info from Dooger…
2. Gonzaga
3.Santa Clara
7. Pacific
8. Portland
9. San Diego
10. Pepperdine

Broncos will either play USF, Pacific, or Pepperdine in the Quarterfinals.


I think with tie breaks USF ends up 5th and BYU 6th, which means SCU could see BYU in their first game.

BYU is the 5. Head to head USF versus BYU is 1-1. Then it goes to record against each conference opponent starting at the Top. Here is where it gets weird, if one team only plays that opponent once in conference then you can’t use the tie-breaker against that team. Even though USF went 1-0 against LMU, and BYU 1-1… You can’t use LMU to tiebreak. After doing all this, you ultimately get to BYU getting 5th because they have a higher NET, which is the third tiebreak.

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With the well known caveat that they didn’t used to play as many games - 23 is second most regular season wins in school history after 1968-69 (who won 25 regular season games and finished 3rd in the AP Poll).

Before someone reminds we played Menlo, the 1968-69 team played CSU Hayward.

I’d much rather play USF than BYU

I agree. I’m not in love with playing Pepperdine again, potentially. But I feel good about Santa Clara’s odds against Pacific–I think they’ll be motivated to avenge the worst loss of the season. And USF has little to work with in the front court if SCU can run them off the three-point line.

I prefer GU in the semis with the later game. It’s hard to catch the Zags flat footed or sleepy, but it’s probably SCU’s best chance.

Then, if miracles happen, get SMC in a much quieter Orleans with the fans who remain leaning SCU for the underdog story. Or better yet, SMC gets upset, and the WCC can have the non-GU and SMC championship that we all want and deserve.


Net ranking is garbage - smc loses and ranking doesn’t go down


Official Announcement from the WCC

Agreed. The fact that the selection committee pretty much disregards it shows that it’s a rather flawed ranking system.

Agree with this, I think we have the best chance to beat Gonzaga - while I feel like another team could take down smc… a lot to pray for but why not?

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I like how we are playing but lets not get overconfident. We will have to win the first game before we would get to Gonzaga. USF Pacific or Pepperdine. We need to be sharp and aggressive and make our free throws rebound and play D. I’d hate to go out with a first round loss. Win the first one and then lets work on an upset or two of our own. GO BRONCOS!!!


Spot on maddog.
USD is about the only team that wouldn’t worry me much…but they’re on the other side of the bracket. USF, Pepp and Pacific all present some challenges:

  • Pacific: has shown they can beat us, they are one of the top 3pt shooting teams in the league and their usual ‘no big’ lineup can present some match-up problems.
  • Pepp: outside of GU, arguably the best combination of length, athleticism and skill. Problem is they are young and Romar is their coach. They stink defending and rebounding but they really shouldn’t given their length and athleticism. If they do just a mediocre job on D and rebounding and their talent/skill shows out and they’re making some shots then they can really put on a team on their heels.
  • USF: The backcourt duo of Shabazz and Roberts are dangerous. Catch them on a hot 3pt shooting night and they’d be a tough out.
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Heck. Im hoping for an upset on the St Marys bracket too.

The Gaels beat BYU twice, but only by a combined 7 points. They split with LMU. On a neutral court in Vegas, who knows what could happen.

I actually think almost anyone can beat anyone this year. USD came from 23 down scoring the last 20 to lose to SMC by 3. USF should have beaten Gonzaga at home. LMU did beat both SMC and GU and lost to Pepperdine. If we play like we have been playing we will be a hard out. Hopeful b it not over confident. GO BRONCOS!!!

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I think the other factor to consider is if UOP/Pepperdine winner gets by USF, that will be three games in three nights where you can’t dismiss tired legs and fatigue in general…IMO, I’d rather see UOP/Pepperdine.

Also, I believe getting that Sunday off, if fortunate enough to win on Saturday gives us a chance to recharge for a more difficult opponent in the Zags on Monday.

I am aware that such didn’t work to our benefit last season against SMC. Let’s hope it turns out differently this time around.


Gave some of the old brackets a quick glance to see if a team that played on Thursday night has ever won 3 games in 3 nights at the WCC tournament. Colby Ross and the Edwards brothers did it for Pepperdine in 2019. Anthony Ireland and his LMU Lions did it in 2013. Unfortunately the Lions (1-15 in Conference play!) beat our Santa Clara Broncos in the 3rd game (We had Foster and Trasolini).

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Thanks Bob…I remember both and believe USD did it too, about 4-5 years ago and I think the Broncos were a victim of that tournament run too.

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Not sure who makes these clips for Santa Clara but they are doing an excellent job.