WCC Game 10: SMC

Tip-off: Tuesday, 8PM @ Leavey


Line: Torvik- SMC -1, 45% Bronco win probability; ESPN- no line yet, 44% Bronco win probability.

19-4 overall, 7-1 in the WCC and they have moved in to the top 25. Important to note, that SMC league schedule to date has been on the weaker side, they have not played GU yet and have played us, BYU and USF once each.
SMC has relied mostly on a strong defense but recently some of their players are coming to life at the offensive end. 6-7 wing Alex Ducas has raised his scoring to over 14pts/game in the WCC and seems to be their go-to scorer of late. And Kyle Bowen, who has been more of role player, defender and rebounder has shot it better. Bowen is averaging less than 6pts/game on the season but has scored in double digits the last 2 games and shot 7/10 from 3 over those 2 games. Justice will likely be matched on Ducas and guessing Vrankic on Bowen…something to keep an eye on as those matchups and our defensive performance vs. those emerging players could be key.

Broncos need to keep the good offensive balance, with multiple guys contributing, and good player and ball movement…don’t need hero ball from anyone. Pipes seems to be gradually emerging from his shooting slump…continuation of that trend would be a bonus.

Defensively, Broncos have to keep Tass and Bowen (and their back-ups) off the glass.

Prediction: Broncos knock off Gaels 78-74.


#22 SMC… let’s get em.

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seeing SMC -2.5 for the betting line.

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truly hope the students show up and provide a modicum of home court advantage


Actually got an email from SCU Athletics (from Herb lol) imploring people to come.

First time I’ve seen an attempt like this in a while?? at least for basketball?


A couple scheduling subplots that may help SCU:

(1) SMC plays the Zags this Saturday. I think Bennett will have his guys plenty prepared, and they are always disciplined. But with SMC getting back in the top 25 and their archival coming up, they’re liable to get caught looking ahead.

(2) USF has a grueling Tuesday–Thursday–Saturday schedule this week. So they’ll have one day to prepare for SCU while SCU will have three.

Post-season aspirations start here. Revenge week is upon us. 72-66 Broncos. Pipes continues to claw his way back and gets 17 points.


Two great Bronco games this week, and GU still still goes to War Memorial and McKeon. Lots of great league play left.


I want to see more HOLT against SMC. He brings an intangible to the game, his hustle seems infectious. Plus, he truly appears full of joy when he is on the court!


Can he make up for all those years that SMC had a guy named Holt who torched us over and over?

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Honestly, I’m not sure that HS will even give him enough playing minutes for us to be able to make that judgment!

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Big big game tonight! Super excited to watch. I’m proud to see the effort in the advertisements for this game and the emphasis on a strong home court advantage. I really hope to see a strong showing from the Ruffriders.

I agree with Patty, PJ Pipes continues his hot shooting night with a strong 17 point game with efficient shooting. 76-72 Broncos! Scocos!!!

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Most excited I’ve been for a Bronco game in a long time. Sco Cos!

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According to the Gaels board, St.Mary’s will be sending a bus of students.

SCU has looked solid as of late. Broncos pull this one off 73-68

I will not be happy if the crowd is dominated by Gaels fans. That would be an absolute embarrassment.

Where’s Lizard Man when you need him?* Or the Corky Club?*

*(old-timers will get the references)


we need a thumbs-down button. for the content of the message, Bob, not against you!

Carlos came ready to play. He is all over the place.

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Cant have j will, pipes, and vrankic off the court at the same time. Offense is lost. Still close though, we gotta start pushing the pace.

Good defense so far, keep it up.

Good minutes from Bediako.

I could watch Carlos Stewart fight through screens all day, his footwork is unmatched