RosterCast Tool Projects 2023 Ranking

Bart Torvik has a Roster projection tool that lets you add/drop players and then spits out a 2023 projected ranking. The one limitation is that it does not account for our incoming freshman, Jake Ensminger. I plugged in a couple scenarios and listed them below. (reminder to add Justice and remove Besselink if you run some on your own.)

If Jalen returns and the only transfer we add is Carlos Marshall Jr then our projected ranking is 70th (finished 79 this year for comparison.)

If Jalen does not return and the only transfer we add is Carlos Marshall Jr then our projected ranking is 99.

Justice coming back was absolutely huge. Assuming he and Jalen did not return then our projected ranking would have been 160.

The good news is that it appears all 4 of our freshmen will be returning. If even a couple of them make big jumps in their game then that will really improve the outlook for the season.

I also think Braun is a wild card. Definitely another level he can get to as a player. Curious to see if he moves to the wing . He had to play out of position last year as a post defender. Braun shot 8-19 from 3 in conference play for 42 percent. Yes, a small sample size but I think the potential is there for him to be the most improved player on the team.


I thought Jalen went to the draft by April 23rd deadline

He did but he has until June 1st to decide whether to return or not. If he signs with a non-NCAA certified agent then that would mean he is staying in the draft, but have not heard of him doing so.

All the key dates are listed here.

2022 NBA Draft Dates, Deadlines To Watch | Hoops Rumors.

Agree that Braun has lots of upside - especially if he works on his offense facing the basket. He seems to have a tendency to put his back to the basket. But he’s good with both hands, has a nice touch and good feet. Would be nice if he could consistently drain that 3 pointer from the top of the key and draw out a larger defender.


The addition of Podziemski moves us up to 68 if Jalen returns, and 90 if he does not.

We still need a true offensive-oriented 5

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Kosy looks like he has the potential to be a lockdown defender.

Seems like an underrated and under the radar recruit. Did anyone know about this guy? This came as a surprise to me. He looks promising though! It’s impressive he turned down St. Bonaventure and Xavier for SCU!

Now it looks like we have one last scholarship spot. Any good prospects left in the portal for us?

I’ve got it on good authority we do not have any scholarships left. This isn’t confirmed, but I believe the last scholarship is going to an international big.

I think Kosy was a great under the radar snag. I think it’s likely he flew under the radar as most programs focused on transfers. Is the general consensus that this was a productive off season of recruiting?


If we can get a nice productive big (preferably one that can protect the rim) I’d say this was successful. Even without the big I think it would be successful because of Podz. But when you compare to some other schools in the WCC we might not look as hot. It’s nice to see the WCC become a desirable conference to play in. I wonder what our preseason rankings will be. So far from what I’ve seen we are still in the middle of the pack per usual…


Holy Cow! This shot woke up the Crenshaw gym. Kosi Akametu of King/Drew.

— eric sondheimer (@latsondheimer) May 21, 2021
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Just saw Carlos Marshall’s Instagram Live and noticed Carlos Stewart was on crutches and had a knee brace on. Never heard anything about that. Hopefully he will be able to play this upcoming season. If not, that would be a big hit in my opinion.

You sure it was Carlos and not Giordan Williams?
Giordan did have surgery after the knee injury he sustained in the NIT game. Would stink if both Carlos and Giordan had serious injuries and were potentially unavailable next season.

Unfortunately I’m 100% positive it was Stewart who was also on crutches because Giordan joined the Instagram live from his home. Very unfortunate news.

Curious to hear/see how serious Carlos’ injury is, hopefully it was relatively minor such as a meniscus cleanup, not an ACL/MCL.