New 2022 Verbal Commit?

Jake Ensminger, 6’8" PG from Germany.


Cool, thanks for posting ‘Bob. I expect we’ll see some verbal commitments roll in in the next few months as we approach NLI signing day in early November.

I like the 6-8 height for a guard but I suspect he isn’t really a PG or won’t be playing one at SCU.

OK y’all are gonna enjoy this one.

Pretty sure this is the nephew of Mike Ensminger, a former Sendek recruit who played at Miami under Sendek’s successor, Charlie Coles, after the NC State hire.

His older brother Chris (who played at Valpo) had a long career in the Bundesliga, and then became a coach there.

The team he coaches is the developmental team of ratiopharm Ulm, which some of you may recognize as the club John Bryant played for before being signed by Bayern Munich.

Jake Ensminger plays off the bench for OrangeAcademy, which has players up to 22 years old despite the name but most of their regulars are somewhere between 17-20. Two of his teammates were UVa recruit Igor Milicic and Baylor recruit Jeremy Sochan. Ensminger was the youngest player on the team to get regular playing time last year.


Late to the party

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If he is good at the 1 position, it might create some interesting mismatches on the floor against most WCC foes.