John Stockton season tickets suspended

Can’t believe no one has commented on this. Just nuts. But not unexpected.

I’ve heard a few first-hand (NOT hearsay) head scratching stories about his time in Utah. The guy has always walked to the beat of his own drummer. Maybe that’s what made him an all-time great point guard. But this is lunacy.

I was in Utah the last week for Sundance and some skiing ) except the Sundance part went virtual and saw these articles. (BTW: It was much fun to have the Broncos upset the Y while I was there.)

From the Salt Lake Tribune:


Now, though, Stockton has expanded his opinions into further misinformation. In the full transcript of the interview with the Spokesman-Review, the former point guard asserted that over 100 professional athletes have died from the vaccine — a claim that has been debunked dozens of times over.


And another Trib editorial:

Gordon Monson: Jerry Sloan would’ve thrown John Stockton out of the gym had the guard gone rogue, the way he has on good science (

He is entitled to his own opinions…just not his own “facts”. If he is going to assert a claim that “hundreds” of professional athletes have died from the vaccine, a claim that has been repeatedly refuted, then he needs to provide a list of names to justify his claim. Otherwise, he just needs to say “I don’t want to get vaccinated” and then just STFU about the subject.


Do I agree with his point? Absolutely not.

But I’m too exhausted from these viewpoints to respond online to the original post.

Glad it’s Gonzaga’s issue and not ours.

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