Marshall - Injury Update

92 Bronc had commented in the DePaul thread that Carlos Marshall injured his shoulder. Any updates as to the seriousness or projected length of time that he may miss?

Thus far, the graduate transfer has been a key contributor off the bench and his poise and experience are valuable when our bench consists of freshman and sophomores.

I want to add that despite our young bench, they played well collectively against DePaul and deserve credit!

Marshall…haven’t seen anything new. There’s no preview story or Game Notes posted yet on the website and they don’t provide much info or updates on injuries in media releases. Best bet may be to catch the pregame radio broadcast; Passarelli will sometimes have the latest info from SID or coaching staff.

Speculation on my part but hearing it was a shoulder injury in practice this week is concerning given Marshall had been wearing the heavy shoulder sleeve and brace in earlier games which is common for people who have suffered separated or dislocated shoulder injuries. And once you’ve had an injury like that the shoulder is often less stable, ‘loose’ if you will, and more prone to recurring separations or dislocations that ultimately needs to be addressed via surgery. Hope that’s not the case for Marshall.
I agree he’s been an important contributor off the bench; I view him as a 6th starter given the consistent minutes and significant production he provides off the bench (ie- 3rd leading scorer to date).

The rest of the young bench…agree they’d played reasonably well so far, just need them to continue to develop and show incremental improvement. Plenty of potential in all of the young guys we’ve seen so far, in particular I like the athleticism that Knapper, Tongue and Akametu bring to the court.
For Knapper, it’s important to acknowledge he’s a RS Frosh not true Frosh. While this is his 1st season of court time, it’s his 2nd season in the program. He understands what’s expected of him within Sendek’s system. My sense was he was a little nervous, cautious and hesitant in the first few games, probably focused on just not making mistakes. As he gains some game experience, the confidence will come with it and we’ll see more of the good play we saw from him in the DePaul game. Long term, I can see him playing at the level we saw out of Pipes last year if not KJ Feagin level.