WCC Brackets Out

Agree with you Betterer. BYU might have to beat Gonzaga to get into the tournament. Desperate teams are tough.

I actually think Gonzaga -390 might be kind of cheap. . .

Broncos are now +1100 with St.Mary’s at +600. Everyone else is the same as earlier on FanDuel. Maybe someone sees we shoot the 9th best % from 3 in the country and is rolling the dice on us getting hot all week?

I’ll take a 9% chance at making the tourney… that’s about 8.9% higher than we’ve seen in a decade+


I also didn’t realize the game before us is a 7:30pst tip. So really our game won’t start until about 10p.

11pm mountain… even later for you.

If you really think that Gonzaga will NOT win the WCC tournament, you could put $100 each on SMC, USF, SCU, BYU and if any one of those four wins the tourney, you’d still have a net profit.

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That was my thinking…Sure the Zags are the best team, but this won’t be easy for them.

Still think it’s the Zags over the entire field. Crazy because this is the deepest the WCC has been. Although I’m with you BB, BYU is desperate and should come out swinging. Seems like the biggest upside.

TCU beat #6 Kansas tonight. Pretty amazing we beat TCU by 19 without Vrankic, and scored more points against them than any other TCU opponent all season. Cements them as a Quad 1 win for us no matter what happens the rest of the season. TCU had been jumping back and forth between Quad 1 and Quad 2.