WCC Week 3 Review, Week 4 Look Ahead

Week 3 Review/Take-aways:

  • No noteworthy upsets this week.
  • USF remains buried near the bottom, in 9th at 1-5 after an 0-2 week including a loss @ Portland; Portland’s 1st WCC win.

Week 4 Preview and General WCC thoughts:
Thurs. games: LMU @ GU; USD @ Portland; Pacific @ USF; St. Mary’s @ Pepp; BYU @ SCU.
Sat. games: Pepp @ Portland; Broncos @ St. Mary’s; BYU @ USF; GU @ Pacific. Byes: LMU & USD.

  • Could be a nice week for the Broncos if we can beat BYU and BYU falls at USF Saturday…would move us in to 3rd place.
  • Portland could make a move to salvage their season with two home games against low level teams…two wins would move them to 3-4.
  • The brief optimism at Pacific could dissipate with a potential 0-2 week w/ games @ USF and vs. GU. Would drop them to 3-4.

Standings after Week 3:
GU - 5-0
SMC - 5-0
BYU - 4-2
SCU - 3-2
Pacific - 3-2
LMU - 3-3
USD - 2-4
Portland - 1-4
USF - 1-5
Pepp - 0-5


Torvik has lots of WCC conference only data.

Has the Broncos 3rd in Offensive Efficiency and 3rd in Defense when looking at Conference only games. BYU is 10th in Offensive Efficiency but 1st in Defense.

Broncos have played the 3rd toughest collection of conference games so far, and the remaining grade out as 8th most difficult.

For Conference only games, Podz has been the top performing player analytically in the entire league, and Justice has been 3rd overall.


Watching LMU at GU…LMU giving them trouble, up 5, seven mins in to the 2nd half.

edit: Lions now up 7 at the under 12 timeout.

And all the calls going the Zags way.

While it’d be nice to see GU lose, it’d be best for us if they beat LMU.
LMU win would move them to 4-3.

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I couldn’t watch the game, but looks like LMU blocked a Timme layup (or close-in shot) with about 2 seconds left?

Buckets- Correct. Clutch drive and layup by Cam Shelton on a clutch night for him, 27pts. The LMU’s backup center blocks Timme’s shot at the end.

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Wow. USF absolutely spanking the Pilots. What the heck happened with Legans’ squad?

Edited: my eyesight sucks…Pacific, not Portland is getting shredded by the Dons

USF is up big on Pacific, not Portland.
Portland beat USD by a few pts earlier tonight.

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my bad…my eyesight is horrible…I need to increase the font on my computer screen

Looks like DePaul defeated #8 Xavier. Should help our computer-generated rankings, no?


Pacific tied with Gonzaga at halftime. Sheesh. One thing St.Mary’s does that Gonzaga does not do…SMC guards you like their life depends on it whether they are making or missing on the offensive end. If Gonzaga is scoring, they view defense as optional.



After this weekend’s games, still projected for 3rd with a 10-6 record. (Losses @ Gonzaga, @ BYU, and @ USF projected.)

In the race for Top 4, Pepperdine is basically down to a 0.00001 chance so we will eliminate them. Should be able to eliminate 2 or 3 more teams officially next week.

Four teams have must wins next week if they want to keep any outside chance at Top 4 alive . USF @ USD is more or less an elimination game for both teams . USD must also win @Pepperdine. Portland must win @ LMU, and Pacific has to beat our Broncos.