WCC Week 5 Review; Week 6 Look Ahead

Week 5 Review / Take-aways:

  • LMU had a clean week and for the moment emerges slightly from the middle of the pack with a 1.5 game lead over SCU/Pacific.
  • Our loss to Pacific creates a very close grouping in the standings amongst SCU, Pac, BYU, USF.
  • BYU nearly pulled off the upset over SMC. Enjoyed watching the game. For a game played in the 50’s about as entertaining as can be; low score was more to do with good D and a physical game, less offensive ineptitude.

Week 6 Preview:
Thurs. games: LMU @ BYU; Pepp @ Pacific; Portland @ USD; USF @ SMC; SCU @ GU.
Sat. games: Portland @ Pepp; Pacific @ BYU; SCU @ USF; LMU @ USD; GU @ SMC.

  • No byes this week.
  • Big game between LMU / BYU…LMU win gives them a big leg up on the rest of the middle of the pack; BYU wins makes them a strong contender for 3rd/4th.
  • GU @ SMC will be hyped; GU needs a win to keep alive 1st place hopes, otherwise they’d need some help from other teams knocking off SMC.
  • Our best chance to win at GU in a long time but still won’t be easy, home court crowd truly matters at GU.
  • USF will likely lose Thurs. @ SMC; raises the stakes for SCU-USF Saturday as both teams may be desperately looking to avoid an 0-2 week.

Standings after Week 5, and Torvik predicted WCC finish in parens:
SMC - 8-0 (15-1)
GU - 7-1 (12-4)
LMU - 6-2 (10-6, 9.6wins )
SCU - 4-4 (8-8, 8.4wins )
Pacific - 4-4 (7-9, 7.0wins )
BYU - 4-5 (8-8, 7.7wins )
USF - 4-5 (8-8, 7.6wins )
Portland - 3-6 (6-10)
USD - 3-6 (5-11)
Pepp - 0-9 (2-14)

For the middle of the pack fighting for 3rd/4th, I’ve shown the literal # of Torvik predicted wins. Obviously no one can have a partial win but the rounded results in some slightly misleading predicting…ie- Torvik is predicting a 2 game gap but 9-7 records for both teams are nearly as likely. Yes, this is way too far down in to the statistical weeds, but I questioned the gap and did the math so might as well show it.


Saturdays Game against Usf- get your tix here for a pregame event and game ticket.

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This Zags-Gaels game is REALLY entertaining.

Mahaney is incredible. I cannot believe he is a freshman. He plays with such poise.

LMU and BYU are currently 3rd/4th…but they both have to play one more against both the Gaels and Zags.

We likely need to nearly run the table to displace them and secure a 3/4 spot