WCC Week 6 Review; Week 7 Look Ahead

Week 6 Review:

  • LMU came back to the middle of the pack with an 0-2 week w/ losses vs. BYU and USD, they missed an opportunity to solidify a 3rd/4th finish.
  • USF also w/ an 0-2 week, their chance for a 3rd/4th place finish are about gone, would have to win out the rest of the way to have a chance but they still have games @ GU and @ BYU; they’re unlikely to even finish .500.
  • GU choked; they were up on SMC at half and through middle of the 2nd half by 6-10pts but faltered down the stretch and in OT. Missed their opportunity to retake 1st place. They play SMC one more time but are going to need help from someone else beating SMC in order to get a 1st place tie.
  • A good WCC week for the Broncos with the win over USF and 0-2 weeks by LMU and USF.

Week 7 Look Ahead
Thurs. games: USF @ Gonzaga; Pacific @ Portland; SMC @ LMU; BYU @ Pepp; USD @ SCU
Sat. games: SMC @ Portland; BYU @ Gonzaga; Pepp @ USF; USD @ Pacific; LMU @ SCU

  • No byes this week
  • A great opportunity for the Broncos to move in to strong contention for 3rd/4th with two winnable games at home while LMU and BYU each have at least 1 likely loss (SMC@LMU and BYU @ GU).
  • Broncos game vs. LMU is as big as the USF game on Saturday. And we only play LMU once so whoever wins has owns the tie-breaker advantage.
  • It’s a 4 team battle for 3rd/4th between the Broncos, BYU, LMU and Pacific. At 4-7, USF, Portland, and USD are more or less out of contention; they’d have to go 5-0 in their remaining games and that’s highly unlikely.

Standings after Week 6 and Torvik predicted finish in parens:
SMC - 10-0 (15-1)
GU - 8-2 (13-3)
LMU - 6-5 (8-8; 8.2 wins)
BYU - 6-5 (8-8; 8.4 wins)
SCU - 5-5 (9-7; 9.0 wins)
Pacific - 5-5 (7-9; 7.3 wins)
USF - 4-7 (7-9)
Portland - 4-7 (6-10)
USD - 4-7 (5-11)
Pepp - 1-10 (2-14)

The relative strengths of the remaining schedules for the middle of the pack favors the Broncos down the stretch.

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