Game 3: @ Stanford

A change to Stanford’s starting lineup with 6-7 frosh guard Andrej Stojakovic in for forward Brandon Angel (out w/ hand injury).

Andrej is the son of NBAer Peja.

OK 1st half, particularly offensively. Both Marshall and O’Neil shining.
But the D wasn’t great, didn’t defend the 3 (6/10 for Stanford) and haven’t handled Raynaud well (17pts).


Our pick n roll defense is ugly. We go under screens while Stanford gets over the top and stops our attack to the basket. That and we can’t seem to get back on D and give up uncontested 3’s.
Lucky to be close at half…
Hope we fix in half two…


1st shot of the 2nd half for Stanford we go behind a screen and Stoyacovic drains a 3…

Hitting our stride now…Stanford playing aggressive man D leaving shooters open. Need to keep hitting open 3s.

Tilly with some nice moves, one of these will go in

Nice win!

Much better D in the 2nd half, especially defending the 3.


Only caught the second half.

We looked like the better squad in many ways - we are big and talented.


This team sure came together quickly - great team effort. Everyone contributed their part on this win.


Echo 92bronc…really nice win on the road against a Stanford team that may make some noise in the Pac 12 tgis season.

Loved the offensive balance with Bal, Marshall, O’Neil and others. Tilly had some big buckets late and Bryan played well off the bench.

Offensive rebounding…fantastic!



Really good showing for the early season… we just might have something here. Always enjoy beating Stanturd.


And 10/10 from the FT line, all from Bal or Marshall. I’m sure it’s been awhile since we shot 100% from the FT line.


Great win to go to 3-0. Fought back from down 11 in the first.

MVP was O’Neill with a huge first half just to keep us hanging around.

Bal and chef got cooking in the second half. Tilly deserved more at the rim after some nice moves, just not much dropping.

Hard to complain about that win but still some growing pains when it comes to picking up guys on defense and finding the open guy on offense. A few too many off balance jumpers by Bal and Benjamin.

BUT I’ll take it.


Nice call on the ML +375. I just didn’t have the guts to bet it. Still won my -110 bet.

2 Likes what a call for the boys on KSCU! Business trip gets us to 3-0 and onwards :handshake:

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Great win. Go Broncos!

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Broncos beat Stanford at Maples by 12 coming in as 10 point dogs. Podz goes off for the Warriors. What a night!


Really good win. I was lucky to see it live. It might be hyperbole to say there were as many SCU fans as Stanford fans there, but it felt close.

A couple observations:

  1. It’s a tremendous asset to have both Tilly and Caffaro. Raynaud was very good but could only play so much. Having two seven footers meant that SCU could put a fresh body on him and force mismatches when Raynaud had to sit.

  2. On a related note, it really seemed like the depth won the game. Stanford had basically three guys who provided all of their offense. When they were sitting, SCU stormed back. Stanford had a perfectly formidable starting five. But their seventh, eighth, and ninth guys were all a noticeable step below from what SCU had. Bryan could make a play for WCC Sixth Man of the Year, I think.

  3. Knapper played backup point while Ensminger got minutes at the 4 again. Knapper did well backing up Benjamin. Ensminger at the 4 is not where I would put him, though.

  4. Regarding Bryan, man is he fast and strong. His dunk was a real eye-popper, and he fights hard for rebounds like Podz used to, albeit with a little more strength and bounce. He will be a great player.

  5. Stanford was on fire for the first 8 minutes, but the perimeter defense really did tighten up well. Stanford went from 100% from three at the under-12 to less than 40% for the game. Some of that was mean regression, but it looked like SCU actually fought on the perimeter which did not seem to happen last year when Pacific started drilling threes from everywhere.


Torvik rankings as of this morning.

This really chaps my hide…our boys bust their butts and beat Stanford by double-digits in Maples, and this is what we get??

How can we be ranked 99 spots lower than the team we just beat, given that both teams came in to the game undefeated?

Not just east coast bias, but also conference bias and “brand” bias.

I sincerely hope that we can post a great pre-conference record. A good showing at the Emerald Classic against Oregon and either Alabama/Ohio State will go a long way toward boosting SCU’s profile amongst the NCAA Illuminati.


Torvik clearly has a strong built-in bias for the early season, based on player projections and recent history. SCU was as low as 192 or so in the preseason before any games were played. That was way too low to any close observer. KenPom is much more friendly with SCU knocking on the door of the top-100 this morning. A couple more wins should get them in there.

I wouldn’t worry too much about SCU’s rankings on these sites until game 12 or so. I believe the preseason biases get weaker over time and then are eliminated completely between 10-15 games in. If the Broncos keep winning, they’ll keep rising. On the other hand, I expect Stanford to fall a ways, so it’s good that SCU got the win. I just don’t think Hasse has the stuff.

For now, though, this is a solid Quad 1 win and, I believe, the only Quad 1 win owned by any WCC team, including the mighty Zags who romped over a lowly D2 opponent last night.


Was also in attendance and can echo that fan support for the Broncos seemed to be on par or better than the home team. If not for a white hot shooting first 10 mins for the Cardinal, SCU could have been in control for much of this game. Both team’s largest lead was 12, with ours obviously being at the final horn. I remember a poster earlier this week talking about Stanford getting outrebounded by Sac St despite their good size on paper, and looks like this happened again with SCU outrebounding Stanford 42-33. Hopefully Stanford goes on to some solid wins to help bolster SCU’s resume, but they look to be a little physically soft (surprise surprise) outside of Stojakovic who could be special.