Jake Ensminger is official


“A 6-foot-8 prospect, Ensminger chose the Broncos over offers from Davidson, the University of Colorado and UC Santa Barbara.”

That’s great company to keep and beat. 3 coaches that are really good and really value doing things the right way.

Today was NLI signing day.
We’ll have at least 3 spots available next year, currently one below the 13 scholly limit and Vrankic and Pipes are seniors (Justice is a 4th year junior given the ‘free’ COVID year).
We knew about Ensminger, was hoping to hear about at least one more signee today.
Verbal commits still shows Cord Stansberry (6-3 guard) and Romad Dean (6-7 forward as potential 2022 recruits and on a quick search I don’t see that they’ve committed elsewhere so maybe they are still in the mix.

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SCU has the same number of signings as Gonzaga, and I would guess about the same level of ability.

St. Mary’s looks to have the best early class so far.

Oregon State got a commit from Ensminger’s teammate at OrangeAcademy, Michael Rataj. Rataj is slightly taller and a better scorer, but Ensminger rebounds more, has more assists and more steals. Ensminger is also almost a full year younger, kind of like Jalen Williams came in young, IIRC.

Ensminger seems like kind of an unusual guard these days in that his worst attribute right now is 3 point shooting.